Monthly Archive: July 2016

What do you know about

What do you know about is a malicious domain often categorized as a browser hijacker virus which is capable of rerouting users search queries to other suspicious websites. It can slip into your PC along with the third…
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Remove (.crypt extension) helper.exe : How To Delete (.crypt extension) helper.exe

Hello guys, since last few days, I am in big trouble and I don't know what to do. Actually, my files have gone encrypted by (.crypt extension) helper.exe and system has been locked as well. I can't access my system…
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Cryptosystem RSA- 4096 Removal Guide – How Do I Remove Cryptosystem RSA- 4096

SUMMARY   Name Cryptosystem RSA-4096 (This is a file encryption model, Actual name of infection may differ. As for example – Cyrtowall, cryptolocker or TeslaCrypt ) Type Ransomware Risk associated High() Method of Operation Encrypts all saved personal data of…
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