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Delete File Security Protected Ransomware from Windows PC (Uninstall Guide)

What is File Security Protected Ransomware? File Security Protected Ransomware is a file encoder software that uses AES-256 cryptography in order to encode files and generate highly secured private key (a.k.a Decryption key). Apparently, the decryption key is saved to…
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Few Ideas to Delete Trojan.Micropsia from Windows PC (Computer Safety Tips Included)

Trojan.Micropsia – Initial Analysis Report Cyber security firms like ClearSky and Palo Alto Networks have been working together on preventing and tracing targeted attack of Trojan.Micropsia in the Middle East. This trojan is only compatible with Microsoft Windows. Further, Malware…
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Shifr Ransomware Removal (Including File Decryption Method)

Detailed Information on Shifr Ransomware Recently, cyber security experts have discovered a new file-encrypting program named as Shifr Ransomware which is coded in Go programming language. Once it invades the targeted Windows machine, it encrypts the files or data stored…
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