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Get rid of instantly in simple way

My default search engine has been automatically changed to It looks just like Google and asks me to use it as default homepage. I tried to set the homepage as Google but it is generating warning alert. There are…
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Working Guide To Remove TrojanDropper:O97M/Artitex.A PC Threat

TrojanDropper:O97M/Artitex.A is recently released Trojan horse virus and in a very short time of span it has assaulted numerous online computer. It has detected as one of the most devastating Trojan virus which has great strength to damage computers based…
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How To Remove From IE/Chrome/FF/Opera

Complete Explanation on is identified as a notorious browser hijacker virus that will bring PC with lots of troubles. Affected by this malware, the computer users won’t be able to use their installed web browsers normally as usual….
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