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Uninstall Trojan horse Generic_r.EXT from PC

As other harmful Trojan virus, Trojan horse Generic_r.EXT also have the potential to perform series of havoc inside your PC. It will reset all your web browser settings and transmit user's search result over to malicious domain. Generally, the nasty…
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Guideline to Delete pop-up from PC pop-up is detected as an adware infection which is find highly malicious for Windows operating system. It can easily attached with all kind of Internet browser like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and etc. Most basically, pop-up is downloaded…
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How to Get Rid of Worm/lodbak.gen2

Worm/lodbak.gen2 is a highly risky malware infection which can cause serious damage in your Windows PC. Detected and troublesome computer worm this critical virus is fully capable to weaken all the security measures of infected system. It has been programmed…
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