Browser Hijacker

3Spiral Wave Tab – New Tab Removal Effective Guide

​ What is 3Spiral Wave Tab – New Tab 3Spiral Wave Tab – New Tab is actually a Google Chrome Extension that created by team of cyber hackers to promote the sponsored services, products and sites to earn online revenues….
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Couldn’t Remove (Best Solution For Hijacker Removal)

Detailed Information on is a questionable search engine website designed by Support Expert, Inc. located in California. At first glance, it may look like as an ordinary search engine, but it is described as a browser hijacker virus…
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If you are looking for a removal assistance to uninstall from your infected browsers then follow the blow given steps carefully to eliminate it completely from your system. Is a trustworthy webpage to use? is a dubious…
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Delete From Browsers Completely

Have you noticed your homepage replaced with Is it cause web redirection issue each time while browsing the web or performing online operation? Is it slows down overall performance speed? Looking for an effective solution to remove and…
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Completely Deleting From Affected Windows (10 | 8 | 7 | Vista | XP)

Genuine Information About Unfortunately, is a browser hijacker and also categorized as a fake search engine, is active since January 2012. Recently cyber punks made few modifications in its design to look more legitimate. During analysis, we got…
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