Browser Hijacker

Get Rid of from Infected Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge)

Should you use as default search engine? Freelancer security analysts tracked malicious activities of and identified it a browser hijacker that acts like a fake search engine. Its server is hosted on which is located in Arizona,…
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Few Ways to Delete from Compromised Computer (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari)

What purpose does serve? is sort of a deceptive search engine created especially for targeting French-speaking users. Initial inspection unveiled that it is active since 2011 and being hosted on from Quebec, Montreal, Friendly Unit S.I. Evidently,…
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Steps To Eliminate Windows 7 Support – Case ID Completely From PC

Depth-Analysis on Windows 7 Support – Case ID Windows 7 Support – Case ID is belongs to the family of adware infection which shows deceptive ads on your computer screen. The adverts related to this threat arrive to your system…
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