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Updated Version of Terdot Banking Trojan Targets Email, Social Media & Financial Services

Terdot is in the news these days all for its infamous and wrong reason ever since its discovery in October 2017 in wild. Initially, it has been developed as a banking Trojan but it has grown into the sophisticated hacking…
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Gendarmerie Nationale Ransomware : The French Edition of Ukash Attack on Rise

Important Facts You Should Concern About Gendarmerie Nationale Ransomware Ukash trojan has infected thousand of Windows PC in Europe by taking the System hostage and harassing innocent user, this ransomware is responsible for generating the illicit profits to the cyber…
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CVE-2017-0199 Exploits MS PowerPoint File To Make Windows PC Vulnerable

Security experts from Trend Micro Lab recently reveals how the criminal hackers are abusing CVE-2017-0199 system security flaws which lets them bypass the detection from anti-virus vendors for invading nasty malware onto the Windows PC by using Microsoft Powerpoint Slide…
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