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ATM Malware ‘Ploutus’ Controlled By a Text Message & Spews Cash

Ploutus is a Trojan malware which appeared in year 2013 in Mexico and resurfaced onto the security scan in the mid of November 2016 with an updated version. This malware is especially designed by the cyber offenders in order to…
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Phishing Attacks Target Cryptocurrency Wallets After Bitcoin Price Surges

The continuing rise in Bitcoin price has resulted in an intensify in phishing attacks against the Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) wallets in an attempt by the cyber offenders to set up bogus domains in order to confuse Bitcoin owners into giving away…
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Android Malware ‘Gooligan’ Breaches More Than 1 Million Google Accounts

A security firm “Check Point Software Technologies”, uncovered an Android malware called ‘Gooligan’ that had accessed 1.3 Million Google accounts. This malware roots deeply onto the infected Android devices, and then allows itself to steal authentication records that could be…
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