How Can I Delete PWS:MSIL/Mintluks.A Virus Permanently From My Systemc

My antivirus software says that it can not fully delete an infection named PWS:MSIL/Mintluks.A. There is always a notification showing up which says “Your security program says it cannot fully clean a virus”. After every time I scan the system,…
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Remove Rogue:JS/FaceCall.D – Eliminate Rogue:JS/FaceCall.D From Your PC

Rogue:JS/FaceCall.D has found on my computer. I was scanning my PC and AVG found this threat. It has quarantined and deleted this Trojan virus. I am not sure that Rogue:JS/FaceCall.D has got completely removed from my PC because my system…
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Remove PUP.Optional.winsockRst – Working Guide To Eliminate PUP.Optional.winsockRst

 “PUP.Optional.winsockRst Trojan has detected by an anti virus program on my computer based on Windows platform. Since last few days my computer was working very slow. It was taking to much time to boot and launch Windows rather than normal….
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