Complete Solution To Remove Trojan.Agent.DEC From PC : Removal Guide For Trojan.Agent.DEC

Trojan.Agent.DEC is detected as one of the most dangerous and harmful trojan virus. Once it inject into your system result to cause lots of issues and problems there in. It is also capable to harm and infect to all the version of Windows OS such as Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10 and so on. Though, Trojan.Agent.DEC silently infiltrate on to your computer at the time of web surfing, through the download of freeware software, p2p sharing of your files, opening of the junk/Spam email attached files which comes from unknown sources, use of the infected removable media drive and such more. As Trojan.Agent.DEC also open the backdoor gate of the system to drop on infected and corrupted files on to the targeted system. It is also responsible to change the DNS settings and alter the default settings of the commonly used web browser including the browser homepage too. Deactivate the installed security program and also crack the browser firewall too. Thus, it mess up the entire part of the system and put it at a high risk. Sometimes it may even responsible for the crash down of your system, system freeze and also turn the system screen to blue screen of death (BSOD). For the safety of the system it is advised you to remove Trojan.Agent.DEC as soon as possible from your infected computer.

Trojan.Agent.DEC is weaken the system performance and occupy huge amount of the system resources. Trace all web surfing activities that are surf by you as well as all your personal information which are kept within the system. It also change the system registry files, exe files, Windows task manager etc. On the other hand block you to gain access on to your files, data, folders, documents etc as it has been corrupted or get lost. Further, Trojan.Agent.DEC also hijack the installed web browsers and take complete control to it. Bombard the system screen with tons of annoying and irritating pop-up ads, advertisement, banners, offers, deals, coupons etc. As Trojan.Agent.DEC also increase the traffic of web and pay extra loads on to it which result to slow down the speed of your Internet connection. Also responsible to cause the redirection problem of your essential web search. To keep the system free from all such problem and issues it is highly recommended you to remove Trojan.Agent.DEC from your PC without having any delay.


How to Remove Trojan.Agent.DEC from Compromised PC (Manual Steps)

(This guide is intended to help users in following Step by Step instructions in making Windows Safe)

The first step which need to be followed is to Restart Windows PC in Safe Mode

Reboot in Safe Mode (For Windows XP | Vista | Win7)

  1. Restart Computer
  2. Tap on F8 continuously when the PC starts booting and select the option to enter Safe Mode with Networking.

safe mode

For Windows 8/8.1

  1. Press on the Start Button and then Choose Control Panel from the menu option
  2. Users need to opt for System and Security, to select Administrative Tools and then System Configuration.


3.  Next, Click on the Safe Boot option and then choose OK, this will open a pop-up window, next Select Restart Option.

For Windows 10

  1. Start Menu is to be selected to Open it
  2. Press the power button icon which is present in the right corner, this will display power options menu.
  3. Keeping the SHIFT Key pressed on the keyboard, select the restart option. This will reboot Win 10
  4. Now you need to select the Troubleshoot icon, followed by advanced option in the startup Settings. Click on Restart. This will give the option to reboot, now select Enter Safe Mode with Networking.

Step 2. Uninstall Trojan.Agent.DEC from Task Manager on Windows

How to End the Running Process related to Trojan.Agent.DEC using Task Manager

  1. Firstly, Open Task Manager by Pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc in Combination
  2. Next, Click on processes to Find Trojan.Agent.DEC
  3. Now Click and select End Process to terminate Trojan.Agent.DEC.

task manager

Step3: How to Uninstall Trojan.Agent.DEC from Control Panel on Windows

for Win XP| Vista and Win 7 Users

  1. Click and Select on Start Menu
  2. Now Control Panel is to be selected from the list
  3. Next Click on Uninstall Program
  4. Users need to Choose suspicious program related to Trojan.Agent.DEC and right clicking on it.
  5. Finally, Select Uninstall option.





For Win 8

  • Click and Select “Charms bar
  • Now Select Settings Option
  • Next Click on Control Panel
  • Select on Uninstall a Program Option and right click on program associated to Trojan.Agent.DEC and finally uninstall it.



For Windows 10

  1. The first Step is to Click and Select on Start Menu
  2. Now Click on All Apps
  3. Choose Trojan.Agent.DEC and other suspicious program from the complete list
  4. Now right Click on to select Trojan.Agent.DEC and finally Uninstall it from Windows 10




Step: 4 How to Delete Trojan.Agent.DEC Created Files from Registry

  • Open Registry by Typing Regedit in the Windows Search Field and then press on Enter.
  • This will open the registry entries. Now users need to press CTRL + F together and type Trojan.Agent.DEC to find the entries.
  • Once located, delete all Trojan.Agent.DEC named entries. If you are unable to find it, you need to look up for it on the directories manually. Be careful and delete only Trojan.Agent.DEC entries, else it can damage your Windows Computer severely.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER—-Software—–Random Directory. 
HKEY_CURRENT_USER—-Software—Microsoft—-Windows—CurrentVersion—Run– Random
HKEY_CURRENT_USER—-Software—Microsoft—Internet Explorer—-Main—- Random


Still having any problem in getting rid of Trojan.Agent.DEC, or have any doubt regarding this, feel free to ask our experts.