Google to Prohibit JavaScript Attachments in Gmail for Improving Security

Google has made this very clear through its declaration that it is going to enhance security against attack by hackers. The survey conducted few days ago has witnessed that Gmail was being used as strong base for phishing attack. But now to prevent this the decision has been taken to prohibit sending JavaScript attachments from next month. This is likely to come into effect from 13 February. Actually this process was supporting hackers to make theft of Google account. Whereas all JavaScript files are not bad. In the era of advance technology hackers are indulged in searching out various tricky ideas to complete their target. And it has been noted that they have purchased many .js files with aim to spread malware. And the best way they considered by aggressive spam campaigns.

JavaScript Attachments

However only .JS files has not been only restricted but also other files like .exe, .msc, and .bat will be facing blockage where the possibility exist to hide detrimental files. Gmail has also put limitations on several archived files like .zip, .bz2, .gz. Now further if you will make effort to transfer .js file attachments even in compressed form then first it won’t be successful and secondly its appearance would be in the form of in-product warning contained with some description. Previously JavaScript has been used as downloader for other threats and according to analysis report it was preferred by Ransomware most of the time. Another threats named TeslaCrypt and Locky have made use of it for their penetration and expansion. And a ransomware program RAA was totally written in JavaScript.

Usually people get victimized because of being failure in recognizing the malicious JavaScript attachments. Apart from these researchers have stated in a blog post that the procedure of sending authentic applications in completely JavaScript file format is doubtful and uncommon through email. Therefore avoid making click on those as far as possible.

In spite of all kind of protections it is being deemed by the company that definitely the attacker will find some other method to make their evil intentions successful. Moreover it has been noticed that from the safety point of view Google Drive followed the rule of scanning files which were smaller than 25 MB. And still attempt is being made by Google for having large email services and providers that may proceed to scan particular file type and may prevent harmful infiltration.

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