How Can I Uninstall PerforMax Cleaner Completely From My PC

PerforMax Cleaner

Complete Overview on PerforMax Cleaner

According to the developer of PerforMax Cleaner, this program searches through the areas where the normal disk cleaning tools doesn't scan to find and delete the personal information stored secretly by the major program vendors. It also removes the tracking files which is used in order to track your online activities. In addition, the Speed Cleaner improves the speed of your PC, finds errors and eliminate the files taking up the space of hard drive.”

PerforMax Cleaner is a rogue system security program which is developed by the OneBit IT. The main software executable is SpeedCleanerSetup.exe. The program installer includes two files. In comparison to the entire number of users, most computer are running the operating system Windows 7 (SP1) as well as the Windows 8. While about 68% of the users of this program belong from the United States. Although, it is also popular in Iran and Canada. Besides, PerforMax Cleaner software has been found to be bundled with the third party software. If you haven't purposefully installed this program, then you should be safe uninstalling it completely from your PC.

It is a fake antivirus tool which is reported by many innocent system users from all over the world. Although, you may have installed one or two antivirus software installed in the machine, so as to stay away from nasty PC infections. Unlike those legit antivirus applications that you have installed manually, PerforMax Cleaner tool itself doesn't need your permission in order to process the installation. Its creators have put this rogue program in some online resources which can cover its aggressiveness.

In case, if you visit the corrupted websites, open a junk email attachment, click on any unknown links or download a freeware program, then the rogueware can have the chance to enter your machine without your permission. And your authorized antivirus tool is not able to prevent it because PerforMax Cleaner is specially designed by its makers. In general, a fake antivirus program will dress up as a legit on as possible to deceive the inexperienced system users. From the appearance of this fake security program, you can see that it looks like as a real antivirus software which is able to provide some PC protection services.

What you do not know about this program is that the it is quite stubborn and overbearing. After getting inside your computer, it will automatically pop-up and run a full PC scan every time when you start up your machine. Although, you even have no way to stop its scanning process. Some of the reasons for that include: it has altered the default settings of your system so as to maintain the stable living environment.

After completing the scanning process, PerforMax Cleaner will report to you that many issues or viruses are detected in the PC and claims that it can help you to resolve those problems as early as possible before any damage occurs when you pay to get its licensed version. Actually, those detected issues are non-existent and your money will be gathered by the creators of this rogue antivirus program.

Technical Details on PerforMax Cleaner

  • URL:
  • Installation folder: C:\ProgramData\package cache\{2b19f2c7-53f4-45a0-8710-273390120ca1}
  • Uninstaller: "C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\{2b19f2c7-53f4-45a0-8710-273390120ca1}\SpeedCleanerSetup.exe" /uninstall

Warning: This uninstaller has been known to not fully eliminate the program.

Some of the Files installed by PerforMax Cleaner:

  • Program executable: SpeedCleanerSetup.exe
  • Path:C:\ProgramData\packagecache\{2b19f2c7-53f4-45a0-8710-273390120ca1}\SpeedCleanerSetup.exe
  • MD5: dbfb8ea62d5d04d059362746e1fb9717

Additional files of PerforMax Cleaner

  • Setup.exe
  • SpeedCleanerSetup.exe

Aftermath Of PerforMax Cleaner Infection:-

PerforMax Cleaner is a fake security program which is known for infecting the system with malicious threats and claims to protect it. You can say that it works as a agent of the cyber crooks and promote their affiliate programs. In the presence of PerforMax Cleaner, your computer will be bombarded with fake alerts such as “Your computer has been infected”, “Your PC is in danger” etc. It is capable to perform scanning process whenever you start the PC and comes up with extremely poor report. Actually, it makes pressure on the users to purchase the licensed version of fake programs. Once the user agree in the tactics of PerforMax Cleaner and proceed for online payment then it will record their sensitive data related to bank accounts, sensitive passwords, user Ids etc.

In reality, PerforMax Cleaner can introduce more hazardous threats in the PC instead of protecting it. You will experience extremely sluggish speed of various basic functions such as start up, shut down, playing games, opening files as well as Internet connection. You may also find new wallpapers on desktop, disable of security programs and unknown changes in the default settings. It is only a form of Internet fraud which tries to increase the sales leads of affiliate programs of the third parties and helps them to earn illegal profits. Thus, if you find any of the symptoms of PerforMax Cleaner in your PC then don’t waste a single moment in removing it completely.

Scan your PC to Remove PerforMax Cleaner

Avenues for PerforMax Cleaner to Invade into PC

PerforMax Cleaner is a very harmful infection that silently infiltrates into targeted windows computer without seeking for any approval and hides itself behind the system background. You won’t recognize its arrival as it infiltrates very secretly and via various internet sources. Below some of the common source are discussion that makes invasion of harmful parasites into compromised machine. Lets have a look at some of these:

  • Social Media : Visiting malicious websites, unsafe web pages, phishing domain and unauthentic web pages are the major ways for the invasion of creepy computer threats.
  • Drive By Download : This very malware usually comes bundled with freeware software installers, unsafe programs and third party application programs from the unsafe Internet sources.
  • Peer to peer File Sharing : Sharing infectious programs, copyrighted content, pornographic materials, malicious files etc. over the network also allow malware threats like PerforMax Cleaner to invade your Windows computer.
  • Open Spam Email Attachments : When you open spam emails or download its suspicious attachments, then such malware bug may get inside your PC. It is the basic source for virus penetration.
  • Infected Removal Devices : Use of infected external devices such as DVD, CD, pen drive etc. may inject PerforMax Cleaner like harmful bugs into your victimized computer. so, you should be careful before using any external devices.

Manual Steps to Remove PerforMax Cleaner

If your machine is acting weird as well showing thousands of useless advertisements along with alert messages- your PC may be infected. These behaviors are basically a sign to make user know that there is some problem. Actually these threats are very much tricky to get rid of as it is designed by using lots of tricks and tactics. Don’t panic, you can still throw out your headache and delete PerforMax Cleaner manually. The only thing you will have to do is follow the given steps and thus solve all the system related issues.

  • Reboot into Safe Mode, restart your system in safe mode and then press F8 continuously while the system boots and then select “Safe Mode” option. It will only load necessary start up services and thus upgrade machine’s performance.

safe mode

  • Open Task Manager by pressing Alt+Ctrl+Del and then select all the PerforMax Cleaner related processes running over there, click to “End Task”

Task Manager

  • Type “regedit” in Run dialog box to open Registry Editor. Then-after, search and delete all the corrupt registry added by PerforMax Cleaner.


  • Click Start button then go to Control Panel, open Windows Add/Remove program and then uninstall all the infectious program added by sneaky threat.

  • Delete all the PerforMax Cleaner associated files and folders completely from your Windows machine.

How to Remove PerforMax Cleaner Automatically

Automatic PerforMax Cleaner Removal tool has proved its dedication to provide real time protection against malware. It has numerous of users all around the word and it is very popular and adaptive tool for all type of spyware detection and removal. It has a very powerful and certified application. As the malware developers has been using more advanced anti removal techniques and makes more sophisticated virus programs, the Removal tool also puts one step ahead to respond malicious threats. The amazing protective tool allow computer users for additional customization features and hassle free optimal protection with a very few interaction.

Automatic PerforMax Cleaner Removal tool has a great ability to provide security against online stalkers with DNS (domain name system) protection, so it fails attempts to take over IP address of a websites. It advance filtration system blocks malicious, phishing and hacked websites so the infiltration of malicious programs through these sources can’t be possible. The tool is very efficient against rootkits and Trojan virus. The program scans entire disk memory, registry, browsing data, downloaded contents, and cookies. It is a complete solution for malware like browser hijacker, ransomware, Trojan, adware, pup etc.

Download PerforMax Cleaner Removal Tool to Get Rid of PC threat

Key Features of Automatic PerforMax Cleaner Removal

Among several features of this anti spyware tool some salient features are mentioned below.

  1. System Guards : The primary objective of this tool is to provide protection registry entries, start-up log, MBR, configuration files, process control and Active X controls. So the program is able to block automated malware that take over system function and deform computer settings.

  1. Spyware Helpdesk : the user may contact with helpdesk executive to take support for their strange problems if they find that the program is not solving the issues correctly.

  2. Latest Malware Protection :The tool is very prominent for detection, removal and blocking of latest worms, bugs, keyloggers, Trojan, adware, rootkits, etc.

  3. Scan Scheduler : There are many options to schedule scans that is daily, weekly and monthly. You can opt an appropriate scan schedule for your convient and needs.

  4. Custom Scan : The tool provide different ways to customize secn for desired elements and save your time for an instance you may elect any one element for scan like download.exe, registry, memory, cookies, files etc.

  5. Network Sentry :If you are Automatic PerforMax Cleaner Removal tool user then you can enjoy uninterrupted and safe web browsing as the tool do not allow any threat to modify, disrupt your Internet connection or hijack your web browser.

  6. Backup :This is an another ultimate feature of this amazing tool. Now you can rollback some unwanted removal of files and programs those are removed by this tool during scan. So you have a full control over scan and deletion procedure.

Guidelines To Use Automatic PerforMax Cleaner Removal Tool

Step 1:Download and install an Automatic PerforMax Cleaner Removal Tool. After installation is over, click on ‘Scan Computer’ option to start scanning on your system. It scan your entire system to detect PerforMax Cleaner and all other threats present in your PC.

Step 2:Custom Scan – This features allow you to scan particular section of your computer system like cookies, rootkit scan, memory files, system memory and registry entries. It also saves your time and helps to protect your system.

Step 3:System Guard – It helps to block the malicious entry and other suspicious activities into your system. It also protect the Registry section, Process control and Active X control.

Step 4:HelpDesk – This is an unique feature of the PerforMax Cleaner removal tool that helps you to sort out all the trouble related to your system. For example – Support Ticket System and Custom Fix System helps to protect your PC.

Step 5:Network Sentry – The removal tool protects your system network connectivity and block the modification done through unauthorized access. It also protect the HOST file and DNS settings.

Step 6:Scan Scheduler – This is an addition feature that helps you to scan your system at pre-set time. It provides you option to scan your PC on weekly, daily or on monthly basis.

scan scheduler

How to make Browser Safe from PerforMax Cleaner

Nowadays we always use Internet in several forms and implications. We use Internet at home, work place and also somewhere else. But our passion to stay up to date and connected to our friends, family and co-workers also provide opportunities to PerforMax Cleaner for infiltration on your computer. It is a spyware to exploit vulnerabilities and expose your confidential information. You should remove PerforMax Cleaner from your system and while web browsing always follow some important preventive measures that is mentioned below.

  • Avoid clicking on suspected links without analyzing the risk.
  • Avoid websites that impersonate as legitimate site or appears malicious.
  • Do not trust on fake claims to make your Internet connection for fast downloads without paying any extra Internet charge.
  • Free software packages that convey bundled applications may prove dangerous for security and stability of your computer.
  • Some questionable domains ask you to enable or install extra features to easily plant malicious contents on your system. Beware of such sites.
  • Always use a well configured and secure web browser.
  • You should decide the role of ActiveX, Java, JavaScript, Cookies and extensions. You should disable these web browser features unless you need it in real.
  • Always use Well-known, reliable, specialized, strong and updated antivirus.
  • Use utility programs which runs clean-up to remove unwanted temporary files, cookies and orphan registry files.

Even after following all these preventive measures, In case you find any abnormalities on your web browsers like display of unwanted pop-ups, redirection or any other symptoms of infection then immediately use automatic removal tool to remove PerforMax Cleaner from your button