How to Uninstall SpyHunter

For Windows 10

Step:1 Click on Start Menu and Select All Apps in Windows 10


Step:2 This will give the complete list of all installed apps. Now select on SpyHunter and then right click on it and tap on Uninstall Option. This will uninstall this program from Win 10.


For Win 7/ XP/ Vista

Step: 1 Click on Windows Start button and select Start Menu, now Choose Control Panel


Step: 2 Go to Control Panel, under the Programs category, Click on Uninstall a Program.


Step: 3 Search and select SpyHunter after scrolling through the list of program in Program and Features Window. Once found, uninstall SpyHunter by clicking on the button.


For Windows 8/8.1

Step: 1Press Windows Key (logo) + I key in combination on your keyboard to Open the Settings Charm Bar in Win 8/8.1. Now Select on Control Panel option.


Step:2 Under the Programs Category View, Press on uninstall a program.


Step:3 Scroll through the complete list of installed program to find SpyHunter within the Programs and Features Window. Now Select SpyHunter and click on Uninstall option to remove it from Win 8/8.1 PC.