KeyBTC Ransomware Removal Report – Steps To Remove KeyBTC Ransomware

KeyBTC Ransomware Summary

Threat Name

KeyBTC Ransomware

Threat Type


Threat Level


Threat Objectives

File Encryption and Ransom Extortion

Encryption Algorithm

PGP/RSA – 1024

Encrypted File Extension

[email protected]_com extension

Encrypted Files

.cd, .1cd,.dwg, , .cdr, .docx, , doc, .zlsx, .xls, .jpg, .max, .rar, .zip, .slddrw, .accdb, .rtf, .pdf, .mdb

What is KeyBTC Ransomware?

KeyBTC Ransomware is a new variant of ransomware that belong to family of CERBER and CRYPVAULT ransomware. Cyber crooks have relay increased to relay upon ransomware for quick money making. Initially they developed malware program to target and encrypt data related to big organization like hospitals but now they are also targettting personal computers on online users. In this series they have launched KeyBTC Ransomware which is targeting online computers of Internet user via Spam emails. However, KeyBTC Ransomware does not cover a wide range of file type to encrypt user's file but on the basis of value of these files, an user can receive a big loss after getting this ransomware on their computer and file encryption. The ransomware uses an asymmetric file encryption algorithm PGP/RSA – 1024. It means, at the time of file encryption the ransomware generate public and private keys. Public key has been used for file encryption and the users (victims) needs private key to decrypt files in their original file format. Unlike other Ransomware programs, KeyBTC Ransomware does not define any certain amount to provide decryption keys to the victims. A ransom note Read.txt has been released by this ransomware on the victim's computer that instruct victims to communicate on “[email protected]for further deal to decrypt files on their computer.

​Activation and Removal of KeyBTC Ransomware

[email protected]_com is the file extension which is used by KeyBTC Ransomware after file encryption on infected computer. The components which activate this ransomware enters into any targeted online computer through Spam emails. Authors of this ransomware have been using Spam emails that pretends like a postal, shipment, tax payment or judicial notification. So the users on targeted computer easily fall in hoax. After opening and downloading files the user get KeyBTC Ransomware infection on their computer. The victims of this ransomware, find their files encrypted and all of sudden the computer is not recognizing all those encrypted files. So the users suffer with something like data loss situation because they can't access their files. To decrypt files with manual methods or use of anti virus program is almost not possible by users and they must need backup. By following steps the users can remove KeyBTC Ransomware and recover encrypted files.


How To Remove KeyBTC Ransomware From Your PC

Start Windows in Safe Mode with Networking.

  • Click on Restart button to restart your computer
  • Press and hold down the F8 key during the restart process.

Safe Mode 1

  • From the boot menu, select Safe Mode with Networking using the arrow keys.

Safe Mode 2

  • Now your computer will get started in Safe Mode with Networking.

End KeyBTC Ransomware Related Process From Task Manager

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Del together on your keyboard.

TM 1

  • Task manager Windows will get opened on your computer screen.
  • Go to Precess tab, find the KeyBTC Ransomware related Process.


  • Now click on on End Process button to close that task.

Uninstall KeyBTC Ransomware From Windows 7 Control Panel

  • Visit the Start menu to open the Control Panel.

Win 7 CP 1

  • Select Uninstall a Program option from Program category.

Win 7 CP 2

  • Choose and remove all KeyBTC Ransomware related items from list.

Win 7 CP 3

Uninstall KeyBTC Ransomware From Windows 8 Control Panel

  • On right edge of screen, Click on Search button and type “Control Panel”.

Win 8 CP 1

  • Now choose the Uninstall a Program option from Programs category.

Win 8 CP 2

  • Find and delete KeyBTC Ransomware related items from the programs list.

Win 8 CP 3

Delete KeyBTC Ransomware From Windows 10 Control Panel

  • Click on Start button and search Control Panel from Search Box.

Win 10 CP 1-2

  • Got to Programs and select the Uninstall a Program option.

Win 10 CP 2

  • Select and Remove all KeyBTC Ransomware related programs.

Win 10 CP 2

Remove KeyBTC Ransomware Related Registry Entries

  • Press Windows+R buttons together to open Run Box

Registry 1

  • Type “regedit” and click OK button.


  • Select and remove all KeyBTC Ransomware related entries.

Remove KeyBTC Ransomware Infection From msconfig

  • Open Run Box by pressing Windows+R buttons together.


  • Now type “msconfig” in the Run Box and press Enter.

Misconfig 1

  • Open Startup tab and uncheck all entries from unknown manufacturer.

Misconfig 3

Hope the above process has helped you in removing the KeyBTC Ransomware virus completely from your computer. If you still have this nasty ransomware left in your PC then you should opt for a malware removal tool. It is the most easy way to remove this harmful computer virus from your computer. Download the Free KeyBTC Ransomware Scanner on your system and scan your computer. It can easily find and remove this pesky ransomware threat from your PC.

If you have any questions regarding the removal of this virus then you can ask your question from your PC security experts. They will feel happy to solve your problem.

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