Malware Stole 40,000 Defence Related Documents Including Blue Print of F-15 Fighter Jets In South Korea

Relations between North Korea and south is not hidden from any one and now a startling news has been coming related to cyber terror. Secluded North Korea and comparatively rich democratic nation South Korea have been still at war since 1950-53 conflict. The two nations have signed armistice but North Korea is still threatens to destroy South Korea. Few years ago in 2013 cyber attack, South Korea had faced big losses because hard disks of around 30,000 computers of Jeju Bank, Shinhan Bank, Nonghyup Bank, Korea Broadcasting System, YTN and Munhwa Broadcasting corporation were deleted. At that time Cyber investigation unit of South Korea had traced out the IP address fall in North Korean capital Pyongyang. The incident is known as “Dark Seoul

Now 140,000 computers associated to 160 government agencies and Defence contractor firms have been attacked by malware and around 40,000 documents have stolen including blueprint of wings of F-15 fighter plane. Once again IP addresses of hacking origination has been located in North Korea. According to threat response manger Guillaume Lovet from Fortinet (cyber security firm), the malware used in this massive cyber attack has discovered as a RAT (Remote Access Tool). Such malicious codes are generally not used by normal virus authors. Security agencies and authorities said that it was a planned attack which began in 2014. The long termed cyber attack on national scale was detected in February and till then North Korea successfully managed to steal information from two companies and defence secret blueprints of F-15 fighter jets. It is very hilarious and big draw back of security software because hackers had got control of servers and infected computers since a prolonged time and waited to continue hacking more targeted computers.

However, officials of South Korean defence department and ministry disclosed that the stolen documents are not so valuable nor piece of secrecy so it is not a security breach. Whereas spokesperson of SK Holding (one of the affected company) said that some affiliate group has been affected by hacking but they will quickly get control on breaches with support of police and associated cyber security agencies. So South Korean affected companies, cyber crime control agencies and police are now teamed up to neutralize malware infection, prevent further spreading and disable the malware infection.

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