Proper Guidelines To Remove Black Feather From Infected PC

Black Feather

Brief description about Black Feather:

This Black Feather is comes under category of ransomware threats which is very dangerous and stubborn in nature. Intension behind development of this ransomware is to hijack user’s PC. Once infiltrate in your PC, it will scan your entire system and encrypt all of your important system file without taking your concern. It has ability to encrypt your system files like images, doc files, audio, video, html files, presentation, Java files, exe files, extra and lock them. After successful encryption, it will send you alert messages which will tell you that your system files is encrypted and provide you their Tech support number to take help from them. These virus creator will convince you that they will help you like your goodwill. When you call them to take help to get back your encrypted file they will demand you ransom money to provide you decryption key and to permits remote access to your system. If you allow them remote access to your system and bought decryption key then also it is not possible that they will provide you valid decryption key. You will lost your money and identity theft problem will also arise. Therefore be sure about it and choose another way to get back your encrypted files. You must install hard-hitting anti-malware tool to get rid of it as soon possible.

How Black Feather ransomware will come in touch to your PC?

Black Feather will come in touch to your PC by spam mail attachment. Spam mail attachment become the powerful way to distribute dangerous threats to online user’s. You must have seen messages like offer, free coupon, discount, interview date, off-campus, jobs oriented from unauthorized sites. Which means that sites you haven’t registered yet to your mail account. Another way by which Black Feather ransomware spread to your PC is social media sites, usages of infected external devices. Whenever you use any external device in your system, first of all scan it using effective anti-virus program.

Problems caused by Black Feather ransomware to your PC:

This Black Feather will encrypt all of your important system files and locked them and you will not able to access it. It will expose all of your important files to cyber crime world to earn quick money from your data. It will install more malicious program and threats to your system which will leads to crash down of your system. It will create backdoor to remote hackers to take full control of your system.

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Remove Black Feather From Your PC

Step 1: Remove Black Feather in Safe Mode with Command Prompt

  • First of all disconnect your PC with network connection.
  • Click restart button and keep pressing F8 key regularly while system restart.


  • You will see “Windows Advanced Options Menu” on your computer screen.

Windows Advanced Options Menu

  • Select “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” and press Enter key.

safe mode with command promt

  • You must login your computer with Administrator account for full privilege.


  • Once the Command Prompt appears then type rstrui.exe and press Enter


  • Now follow the prompts on your screen to complete system restore.

Step 2: Remove Black Feather using MSConfig in Safe Mode:

  • Power off your computer and restart again.
  • While booting press the “F8 key” continuously to open “Windows Advanced Options Menu”.


  • Use the arrow keys to select “Safe Mode” option and press Enter key.

Safe mode

  • Once system get started go to Start menu. Type “msconfig” in the search box and launch the application.


  • Go to the Startup tab and look for files from %AppData% or %Temp% folders using rundll32.exe. See an example below:

C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe C:\Users\username\appdata\local\temp\regepqzf.dll,H1N1

  • Disable all the malicious entries and save the changes.
  • Now restart your computer normally.

Step 3 : Kill Malicious Process Related To Black Feather

  • Press Alt+Ctrl+Del buttons together.


  • It will open the Task manager on your screen.
  • Go to Process Tab and find Black Feather related process.
  • Click the End Process Now button to stop the running process.

Step 4 : Remove Black Feather Virus From Registry Entry

  • Press “Windows + R” key together to open Run Box.


  • Type “regedit” and click OK button.


  • Find and remove Black Feather related entries.












Now hopefully you have completely removed the Black Feather virus from your computer. If you are still get ransom message from the threat or unable to access your files, then it means that virus still remain into your computer. In such situation you don’t have any other option except removing this virus using any powerful malware removal tool.

Step-By-Step Removal Tips To Remove Black Feather


Whereas if you have any backup of your infected or encrypted files, then you can also reinstall your Windows OS. This will erase all your files and data as along with the Black Feather infection. You will get a completely empty computer system with no files. Now you can use your backup to get your files. If you don’t have any backup then using malware removal tool is a better option for you.


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