Removal of RSA-1024, LSLockeyDownloader, ClaroSearch Hijacker, BabylonSearch.Hijacker.Toolbar, etc.

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Lori Palma asked 2 years ago

My Drive was infected yesterday morning by a Trojan or virus of some kind. I opened an email that looked like it was from FedEx. It immediately sent a ransom note in OneNote that said ”All your documents, photos, databases and other important personal files were encrypted using strong RSA-1024 algorithm with a unique key. To restore your files you have to pay 0.46967 BTC (bitcoins).  All my Google MyDrive files, downloads, docs and photos now have .crypted at the end of the file name and when I open them, there isn\’t a program that supports viewing them.

My free Avast antivirus and free malware identified some of the virus names as
LSLockeyDownloader [Trj],
ClaroSearch.Hijacker and

Q > Do I run the free scan in safe mode? If I purchase this software,

No, after purchasing this software you don’t need to run the free scan in safe mode since this software on obtaining successful installation inside the PC just simply scans it deeply for malware infections and if found, removes them permanently. Booting the PC in safe mode is actually required when one is removing the threat manually. This method i.e., Booting the Windows in Safe Mode requires distinct steps in the case of specific Windows versions. Fore more details, visit here –

Q > will it remove the virus associated with RSA-1024 algorithm that is deeply embedded it computer?

Yes, our software will definitely remove the virus associated with the RSA-1024 algorithm no matter how much it is buried deeply inside the PC as it do includes number of effective features that do have potential of implementing deep scanning of the PC and tracing the exact location of almost every sort of malware infections on the PC. This software can even detect the location of those infections which are very good at bypassing the scanning of all the mot used and efficient antivirus programs.

Q >Will the purchase key work on 2 of my laptops? Unfortunately, my Google Drive was affected and may have infiltrated my 2nd laptop. I didn\’t think to shut off sync on Google Drive before I started the ”good” back up laptop.

Q > If I download/pay for your software, will it delete my infected files immediately?

Q > Should I do a backup to an external hardware device before I install your purchased program if the above question is true — that it will delete my infected files during cleanup?

No, based on the answer to your previous question it is undoubtedly very clear that response to that question is negative but in a case if it would be positive, yet it was not required to back up your your data to an external device before installing our program to your system since our software itself includes an easy and highly convenient Backup feature that do have potential of enabling users to restore backed up objects via utilizing the rollback feature in the case if the files get deleted. The feature very simply restores the selected object to it’s original location as if it was never eliminated by SpyHunter.

So, from the above discussion it has been very clearly proven that our software will eliminate the threat from your PC that has encrypted your files and now urging you to make the payment regarding the decryption. However you can also go for manual method instructed below to remove the infection completely from the PC.

Step 1 : Boot your computer system in Safe Mode

Step 2 : Eliminate the infected registry entry files.

Step 3 : Remove from msconfig

Step 4 : Restart your system manually

Step 5 : System Restore.