Remove BestMusic Search Easily From Windows PC (Best Solution)

Frustrated by the ads from BestMusic Search as they constantly appears onto the device's screen while surfing web ? Have no idea where they actually came from and how to liberate the PC from them ? Well then, it is kindly suggested to read the set forth posted thoroughly as here both the method i.e., manual as well as automatic have been briefed which will defitintely help you out in removing the ads by BestMusic Search permanently from the PC.

uninstall BestMusic Search

BestMusic Search – What is it ?

BestMusic Search (aka MyMedia Search Plus) is generally promoted as a browser widget for Google Chrome designed to expand the access to media including music and videos on the Internet. This software ensures the PC users with guarantee of providing a curated collection of music and videos on platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. One running Google Chrome and desiring to try out the BestMusic Search can easily and quickly download it via navigating to Researches report this program advertised as part of a toolset which one can easily find at This software at the particular domain is provided under freeware license which one needs to pay and then install in order to make it's usage.

Although all the aforementioned features of the BestMusic Search appears authentic at first glance but yet it is suggested not to trust it's claim and download it onto the PC since as a matter of fact the program is a potentially unwanted program especially developed by the team of cyber criminals for making money via cheating the rookie online users. This program onto being successfully installed in the PC, contributes tons of dangerous issues on it. The program hijacks the browser existing in the system and then modifies it's default homepage and search provider to It while acquiring installation inside the PC, requires the below mentioned rights :

  • Communicate with cooperating sites
  • Read and change all your data on the websites you visit

These privileges actually enables the application to make access to the content victim share, download and share online. Additionally, the advertisers funding the particular program access the victim's bookmarks collection and browser cookies. This access enables the application authors to display personalized commercials every time whensoever is loaded. These ads makes the Internet speed extremely slow. Thus, to liberate the browser from being modifies like that as well as to enjoy uninterrupted surfing, it is literally essential for the users to uninstall BestMusic Search quickly from the PC.

BestMusic Search : Method of Dissemination

  • Users download BestMusic Search intentionally at Chrome.
  • It might comes packed within freeware programs and get installed in the PC without the user's assent.
  • Might enters via the spam email campaigns and pirated softwares
  • Often lurks through the infectious external USB drives utilized to transfer data from one PC to another.

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How to Uninstall BestMusic Search from Compromised System

Step:1 First of all, Reboot your PC in Safe Mode to make it safe from BestMusic Search

(this Guide illustrates how to restart Windows in Safe Mode in all versions.)

Step:2 Now you need to View all Hidden Files and Folders that exist on different drives

Step:3 Uninstall BestMusic Search from Control Panel

  • Press Start Key + R together and Type appwiz.cpl
  • appwiz

  • Now Press on OK
  • This will Open the Control Panel. Now look for BestMusic Search or any other Suspicious program
  • once found, Uninstall BestMusic Search ASAP
  • Step:4 How to Remove BestMusic Search from Startup Items

  • To Go to Startup Area, Click on Start Key + R
  • Type msconfig in the search area and click on Enter. A window will pop-out
  • Misconfig 1



  • In the Startup area, look for any suspicious BestMusic Search entries or that are from Unknown Manufacturers
  • (This is an important step and users are advised to monitor all items carefully over here before proceeding further.)
  • Step:5 How to Remove BestMusic Search from Localhost Files

  • Click on Start Key + R in Combination. Copy and Paste to Open hosts File
  • notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts
  • Soon, you will get a list of suspicious IP’s in the bottom of the screen
  • hosts_opt-1

  • this is quite helpful in knowing if your browser has been hacked
  • Steps 6: How to Remove BestMusic Search and Block Pop-ups on Browsers

    How to Remove BestMusic Search from IE

    Open IE and Click on Tools. Now Select Manage add-ons
    IE Extension 1

    In the pane, under Toolbars and Extensions, Choose the BestMusic Search extensions which is to be deleted

    IE toolbar and extensions

  • Now Click on Remove or Disable Option.
  • Press Tool button and Select Internet Option
  • Internet-options

  • This will lead you to the Tab, now Select Privacy Tab, Turn on Pop-up blocker by clicking on it.
  • IE-block-pop-ups


    How to Uninstall BestMusic Search from Google Chrome

  • Google Chrome is to be Opened
  • Now Click on menu present at the top right corner
  • Choose Tools >> Extensions
  • Select BestMusic Search related Extensions and now Click on Trash icon to remove BestMusic Search
  • chrome-extensions 2

  • Under Advanced Settings Option, Enable Do not allow any Site to Show pop-ups. Click on Ok to apply it.
  • Chrome-not-allow-pop-ups

    How to Block BestMusic Search on Mozilla FF

  • Select and Open Mozilla FF, Select BestMusic Search or other Add-ons by clicking on Menu button
  • Mozilla Addon 1

  • In the Add-ons Manager, Select the extension related to BestMusic Search.
  • Mozilla Addon 2

  • Now Click on Remove to delete BestMusic Search permanently
  • Also Select and Check mark “Block Pop-up Windows” under po-ups in the Content Tab
  • How to Get Rid of BestMusic Search on Edge on Win 10

  • First of all Open MS Edge and Click on “More actions(…)” link
  • Edge-1
  • Now Select and Click on Settings In Menu under “More Actions”
  • Edge-2

  • Under Settings, screen click on View Advanced Settings button
  • Edge-3

  • In Advanced Settings, turn on Block pop-ups by toggling button to ON
  • Edge4


    Following the above Manual Steps will be effective in blocking BestMusic Search. However, if you are unable to accomplish these steps, click the button given below to scan your PC


    Don’t forget to given your feedback or submit any question if you have any doubt regarding BestMusic Search or its removal process