Remove GPCODE Encryption Virus : Easy Way To Delete GPCODE Encryption Virus

I have a windows computer which is now infected with GPCODE Encryption Virus. All the files as well as documents have encrypted and have become completely inaccessible. I am not able to access my PC anymore and always appears a blue screen of death or a locked PC screen. I am being told to pay money to get system access back but I don't feel like doing so because I know it is nothing but just a harmful PC threat. How can get rid of it, please suggest. I will be grateful to you!

GPCODE Encryption Virus is a dangerous ransomware threat which is stealthy in nature and has potential to contribute lots of troubles on the compromised machine. When inserts, GPCODE Encryption Virus immediately locks compromised machine and then after continues running its evil processes. It is a noxious infection which execute command prompt on the PC to inject suspicious code into the system boot section. After this, it encrypts all your important documents, files, folders etc. with some encryption code. However, GPCODE Encryption Virus uses all your inaccessible files as their hostage and asks you for the payment of ransom money. Yes, you got it right. After getting attacked by such ransomware bug, you will be forced to pay large sum of money to get the PC control back again. But, it is also true that there is no guarantee that you will be able to solve your PC problem after paying money, rather it will raise a new issue for you.

Apart from this, GPCODE Encryption Virus disables security programs, stops running processes from task manager and also turn off default firewall settings. This very threat is quite very dangerous which increases infiltration of harmful parasites into infected computer and causes severe trouble. Being more specific, GPCODE Encryption Virus may reduce your PC performance speed, does not let you run any programs and will always end up making you see nothing but just a locked PC screen. Hence, it is necessary to delete GPCODE Encryption Virus quickly for the better protection of your computer because any longer in removal might causes severe danger into PC.


Steps to Delete GPCODE Encryption Virus

Step: 1 Restart your Windows PC in Safe Mode

Find the complete details on how to Reboot your PC in Safe Mode (if you are a novice, follow the above given instructions on how to boot up your PC in Safe mode irrespective of the Windows Version that is being used as Windows XP, 7, Win 8, 8.1 and Windows 10)

Step:2 Remove GPCODE Encryption Virus from Task Manager

Press CTRL+ALT+DEL simulataneously to open Task manager. Find GPCODE Encryption Virus Related processes or any other suspicious processes that are running on it. Now Select and delete GPCODE Encryption Virus virus from Task Manager at once.

Task Manager

Step:3 How to Delete GPCODE Encryption Virus Related Startup Items

Press Win + R together and Type “msconfig”.

Windows R

Now press Enter Key or Select OK.


Startup” option is to be selected on the Pop-up Window Tab



Now Search for GPCODE Encryption Virus Related applications on Startup Items


Now Uncheck all Unknown or Suspicious items from “System Configuration” related to GPCODE Encryption Virus


Now Click and Select Restart to Start your Computer in Normal Mode




Step: 4 How to Delete GPCODE Encryption Virus from Windows Registry

  1. Press Win + R in combination to Open Run Box, Type regedit on the search box and press enter.
  2. This will Open the registry entries.
  3. Find GPCODE Encryption Virus related entries from the list and carefully delete it. However be careful and do not delete any other entries as this could severely damage the Windows Component.


Also, after completing the above steps, it is important to search for any folders and files that has been created by GPCODE Encryption Virus and if found must be deleted.

Step 5 How to View Hidden Files and Folders Created by GPCODE Encryption Virus

  1. Click on the Start Menu
  2. Go to Control Panel, and Search for folder Options
  3. Click on view hidden files and folders Options, For your convenience, we have included complete process on how to unhide files on all Windows Version. This will delete all the files and folders associated with GPCODE Encryption Virus that was existing on your compromised system.

Still, if you are unable to get rid of GPCODE Encryption Virus using manual steps, you need to scan your PC to detect GPCODE Encryption Virus.


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