Steps To Find & Delete Win32/Toolbar.Linkury.AP Effectively From Infected Computer


Now a days this Win32/Toolbar.Linkury.AP virus has been become terror among Windows users, this single is responsible for destroying every default functionality of computer. This nasty stubborn threat has been recently programmed by cyber criminals with aim to perform harmful operations through compromised computer. Once this Win32/Toolbar.Linkury.AP Trojan will get installed on your computer then it will very first make huge modifications with browser settings in order to execute its various malicious operations. This stubborn threat is mainly used to grant unauthorized access of computer to remote hackers, apart from this objective this threat is also used to steal victims valuable details and other sensitive information to share gathered informations with remote hackers and Spammers. Win32/Toolbar.Linkury.AP may easily steal your bank details, online transaction details, system login password, UIP address, Windows version and even system files may also targeted by this infection. So you need to be every careful if you every identify this Win32/Toolbar.Linkury.AP on computer, it is very harmful, also its removal is quite tough because it implement various strategies to prevent itself from removal.

Whenever this harmful piece of Trojan will exists on your computer till you can't perform any activity on your computer, in fact your computer will begin experiencing with following troubles:

  • It will modify registry entry to add malicious entries.
  • It may create backdoor inside computer to install dangerous threatening programs
  • It may launch many unpleasant operations in the background of computer
  • It may delete system files and make computer completely inaccessible.

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Steps to Remove Win32/Toolbar.Linkury.AP

Step 1>> How to Boot Windows in Safe Mode to isolate Win32/Toolbar.Linkury.AP

Step 2>> How to View Hidden Files created by Win32/Toolbar.Linkury.AP

for Windows XP

  • Exit all Program and Go to Desktop
  • Select My Computer icon and Double Click to Open it
  • Click on the Tools Menu and now select and Click on Folder Options.
  • Select on View Tab that appears in New Window.
  • Check mark on the box next to Dispaly the Contents of System Folders
  • Now Check the box in order to Show Hidden Files and Folders
  • Now press on Apply and OK to close the Window.
  • As soon as these steps are performed, you can view the files and folders that were created by Win32/Toolbar.Linkury.AP and hidden till now.

Win xp 2

for Windows Vista

  • Minimize all Window and Go to Desktop
  • Click on the Start Button which can be found in lower lef Corner having Windows Logo
  • Click on the Control Panel on the Menu and Open it
  • Control Panel can be opened in Classic View or Control Panel Home View.
  • If you have Selected Classic View, follow this
  • Double Click on the Folder icon to open it
  • Now select the view tab
  • Click on Option to Show Hidden Files or Folders
  • If you have Selected Control Panel Home View, follow this
  • Appearance and Personalization link is to be Clicked
  • Select on Show Hidden Files or Folders
  • Press Apply Option and then Click on OK.


This will Show all the Folders including those created by Win32/Toolbar.Linkury.AP

Know how to view Hidden Folders on Windows 7, Win 8 and Windows 10

(Following the above steps are necessary to view all the files created by Win32/Toolbar.Linkury.AP and that is known to exist on Compromised PC.)

  • Open the Run Box by holding together the Start Key and R.



  • Now Type and input appwiz.cpl and press on OK
  • This will take you to the Control Panel, Now Search for Suspicious programs or any entries related to Win32/Toolbar.Linkury.AP. Unistall it once if you happen to find it. However be sure not to Uninstall any other program from the list.
  • In the Search Field, Type msconfig and press on Enter, this will pop-up a Window


In the Startup Menu, Uncheck all the Win32/Toolbar.Linkury.AP related entries or which are Unknown as Manufacturer.

Step 3>> Open the Run Box by Pressing Start Key and R in Combination


  1. Copy + Paste the following Command as
  2. notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts and press on OK
  3. This will Open a new file. If your system has been hacked by Win32/Toolbar.Linkury.AP, certain IP’s will be displayed which can be found in the bottom of the screen.


Look for the suspicious IP that is present in your Localhost

Step 4>> How to Terminate Win32/Toolbar.Linkury.AP Running Processes

  • Go the Processes Tab by pressing on CTRL+SHIFT+ESC Keys Together.
  • Look for the Win32/Toolbar.Linkury.AP Running Processes.
  • Right Click on Win32/Toolbar.Linkury.AP and End the Process.


Step 5>> How to Remove Win32/Toolbar.Linkury.AP Related Registry Entries

  • Open Registry by Typing Regedit in the Run box and Hit Enter Key


  • This will open all the list of entries.
  • Now Find and search the entries created by Win32/Toolbar.Linkury.AP and cautiously delete it.
  • Alternatively, you can manually search for it in the list to delete Win32/Toolbar.Linkury.AP Manually.

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