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6 Most Deadliest Data Encrypting Ransomware And Trojan Attack Till Now

This post is all about 6 most deadliest data as well as file encrypting trojan that has targeted and attacked millions of Windows PC till date. To get complete details regarding this, keep reading this post till end. ## 1….
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A New Self-Replicating Malware ‘qkG Ransomware’ Targets Only Word Documents

Cyber security researchers from Italy have discovered a new security flaw that mainly affects almost all versions of MS Office. This vulnerability can let the cyber extortionists to create and distribute macro-based self-replicating malware named ‘qkG Ransomware’ and hide it…
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Locky Ransomware is Back Targeting Unpatched Windows XP & Vista

Cyber security analysts revealed a new ongoing attack against the system users all around the world containing different variants of Locky Ransomware. The malicious campaign is currently delivered through a botnet identified as “Necurs” which uses spam email attachments. Updated…
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