Uninstall Mygridsearch.com permanently from Windows PC

I think someone has got control of my system. Yesterday, I was completely shocked when I launched my web browser, it diverted me to Mygridsearch.com. The interface of this domain was just like Google. When I tried to open any other site, lots of error messages start to appeared on my screen. Even there are many more changes in the other settings of the system which I haven't done. Does anyone have idea about Mygridsearch.com? How and why it appears on my screen? How can I get my default settings back?

Mygridsearch.com is an unsafe domain which is regarded as browser hijacker. It can enter in the PC when you visit any unreliable pages and download files or even click on the links. It is capable to install itself in the web browser as a search engine. When you will start browsing, Mygridsearch.com will appear as your default homepage. In fact, it also provides a search bar for the users and allows them to search on web for images, videos, maps, news etc. In its presence, you will not be able to access several legitimate sites as it can block the IP address of the compromised PC. This hijacker also tries to gain the personal interest of the users by stealing the browsing history. Using these records, it will display related advertisements to get more clicks. Your computer screen will be filled with promotional ads, pop ups, advertisement, banner ads, in-text links which is extremely annoying. The alerts displayed by Mygridsearch.com are completely fake, so do not trust it anymore.

Clicking on the links provided by Mygridsearch.com can bring lots of malignant threats such as spyware, adware, Trojans etc in your PC. It is capable to place its own plug-in in the Internet Explorer, add-ons in the Firefox and fake extensions in Google Chrome. The only motive of the hackers is to enhance the network traffic of Mygridsearch.com through illicit ways by fooling the innocent users. Its existence can also affect the working of pre-installed programs and other essential softwares of the system. Whats more, it will also drop malignant keys in the registry editor to corrupt them severely. So, if you don't want to face such troubles in future then remove Mygridsearch.com as early as possible.


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Know How To Remove Mygridsearch.com Manually

Easy Mygridsearch.com Removal From Windows Registry

First of all You need to restart your PC in Safe Mode and for that you can follow the below given steps.

Step 1. Start your PC and Hold F8 Keyword for few Second.

Press F8 to Restart PC in Safe Mode

Step 2. Here you will find a Black screen with different option and you need to Click on Safe Mode option. Now your PC will start in safe mode and you can easily perform required activity to remove Mygridsearch.com in convenient manner.

Safe Mode

Step 3. Now you advised to hot “Windows + R” Keys at the same time.

Windows R

Step 4. In this step you can find Run option where in the text box you have to type “regedit” and then click OK button.


Step 5. Here you need to either click on Edit option in Menu or press CTRL+F button on the keyboard.


Step 6. After that you only have to type the name of infection in the box and then press Find Next option.

Find registry

Here you can find all entries created by Mygridsearch.com on your PC and some are listed below that you need to delete as soon as possible.





Now Clean Corrupted Web Browsers

Sometimes it happens that due to invasion of browser redirect virus like Mygridsearch.com some unwanted plug-ins or toolbars get attached with the browser that you have to remove first and then you can rest your web browsers to make its functionality as it was earlier. In this regard steps are give below, take a look:-

Step 1. Launch your browser and click on Menu option at the Top right corner of the window. From the drop down list you have to select More Tools option and then Extensions.

c-extensions Step 1

Step 2. In this page you can find all unknown extensions created by Mygridsearch.com on your browser that you only have to select and remove by pressing delete button at the side of the window.

c-add-ons Step 2

Know How To Reset Your Homepage

Before doing it, you can check for any unwanted pages created by this hijacker on the browser and if so then delete it immediately, for that you can follow the steps

Step 1. Open your browser and choose setting option from the Top right Menu.

c-settings step1

Step 2. Under the On Startup option, you need to pick Open a Specific Page to set of pages. After that choose Set Pages option. You can also remove any unknown pages created by this threat from here by simply selecting and clicking on “X” button. Finally press OK to save changes.

c-startup step2

Step 3. In the Appearance option, click Open Homepage button and tap on Change link option.


Resetting of Web browser for complete Mygridsearch.com Removal

Step 1. Start the Web browser and go to Menu icon and choose Settings option.

c-settings step1

Step 2. In this page users are advised to select Show Advance Settings option and then press Reset Browser Settings.


Step 3. At last you need to click Reset button again to confirm the action.


Quickly Remove Mygridsearch.com and other Malware program From Control Panel

Step 1. Firstly, open your PC and then pick Start menu and from there you can choose Control Panel from the available list.


Step 2. Here you need to select Programs and then pick Uninstall a Program.


Step 3. Here you will find complete list of installed program and applications. You only have to choose Mygridsearch.com those programs that you want to uninstall by pressing button at the top Menu.



Still having any problem in getting rid of Mygridsearch.com, or have any doubt regarding this, feel free to ask our experts.