143 Million Equifax Consumers Affected With Major Cyber Attack



In the recent years, Equifax has been attacked with the biggest cyber attacks. As all we know very well that “Equifax” is one of the top three leader in the consumer credit report agencies who gather consumers credit data. It has been reportedly by security analysts that it is a massive cyber attacks which affects 143 million American customers. This agency may gather almost your all sensitive data including name, security numbers, addresses and other personal data. The GA-based credit agency named Atlanta along with the security consultants states that cyber criminals gained the access to specific System files within company’s system from May to July 2017.

According to the inceptive investigation into breach, the data accessing usually occurs due to the exploitation of weak point of site software. The team of cyber hackers were able to gain the access to data belonging to over the 200,000 American consumers in addition to the documents along with personal data that was used for about 182,000 people in the credit disputes. According to the Equifax databases, there is no any evidence towards the unauthorized access to the main consumer of other commercial credit.

Equifax has taken the working measures to help the consumers to determine if the data was at the risk with an unfortunate case of the breaching data in the top most credit reporting agencies. To help consumers, it has setup on “www.equifaxsecurity2017.com” for the consumers so that they can easily utilize and ensure the protection of their personal data. However, the using of website does not demonstrate consumers that they receive a confirmation of data breached. Instead of this, site provides an enrollment date for the free credit protection services to monitor their all accounts and credits.

Data Breach

In the 1990s, John Ulzheimer who is a consumer credit expert said about the data breach to New York Times that it is just like the locking one of the three doors in house and leaving another two unlocked. Today’s data breaches have more common place in the technologically focuses world. Cyber criminals have found method or trick for intruding institutions even with the all protection measures put in the place that conceal huge amounts of sensitive data. Due to the discovered System vulnerability, Equifax happened to be next target in cases of data breaches.


Security analysts has an agenda that the government of US has put on list of tasks. Fundamentally, the governments have a responsibility to help and protect consumers data even Equifax have stumbled upon the security infrastructure. Doesn’t matter, how cyber hackers infiltrate their entities, new team of crafty cyber hackers emerged to utilize the aggressive and evolved in the malware attack to “Secure” servers. To keep institutions and PC safe from such a malware attack. Consumes must be educated on the cyber security measures.

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