25 Million Android Devices Infected by ‘Agent Smith’ Malware


With the high usage of Android devices, the cyber security and privacy has gone for a ride and malwares invade on devices now and then. Malware is something that affects almost all platforms. Upon the in-depth analysis, expert’s revealed information about the new malware named Agent Smith that has infected more than the 25 million Android devices.

Delete Agent Smith

Know About Agent Smith Malware

Agent Smith is another worst malware mainly originated in the China via Internet firm. It aims to help the developers of Chinese Android app to localize and publish their applications in the foreign markets. The name of this malware is derived by it’s developer after noticing on it’s sample. It actually mimics the character of famous Matrix and it is capable to hack Android apps as well as forces them to display several ads.

This malware has mainly contaminated the Android users in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. But it’s attack has been also detected in US and UK. Yes, it has infected around 303,000 Android devices in US and about 137,000 devices in UK. Generally, it compromises the most popular, well known and widely used apps including Opera, MX Video Player, Whatsapp, SwiftKey and Flipkart.

Agent Smith Is Mainly Spread Via Third-Party App

Agent Smith is mainly known to spread via 3rd-party app store known as 9Apps. It actually conceals or hides itself on targeted devices by modifying its own name to the nondescript application like Google Updater. Besides, it launches itself on Android devices by exploiting the well known vulnerabilities of Android which is disguised as the Google related application. The con artists of Agent Smith really uses hundreds of deceptive methods to infect Android devices but mainly distributed via the Internet. So, be cautious while performing or conducting any online operation.

Get Familiar With Working Mechanism of Agent Smith


Once, Agent Smith malware gets installed on Android device successfully, it makes full use of the user’s permission on phone. It ensures that users accept the all permission while downloading and installing any application even without checking. After that it immediately starts to inject the malicious code into several other popular application. It uses it’s broad access to Android device’s resources in order to display the fraudulent adverts and conduct several notorious actions like eavesdropping and the theft of banking credential. Likewise other vicious malware, it is also capable to cause various dangerous and security related issues. Therefore, the deletion of Agent Smith is essential.

Symptoms To Know About The Presence of Agent Smith On Your Android Device

  • Occurrences of several annoying ads on your Android phone.
  • Dubious or sleazy nature of your phone.
  • Automatic deletion of some apps stored on your Android device.
  • Constant redirection to untrusted or unknown site.
  • Appearances of some weird and unknown files on File Manager folder etc.

Manual Instruction To Delete Agent Smith From Your Android Device

  • Open your Android device.
  • Go to Settings Menu.
  • Click on the Apps or Application Manager.
  • On next, scroll down to suspect Agent Smith related apps.
  • After locating dubious application, click on Uninstall button.

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