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Crypt0L0cker Ransomware Campaigns Targeting European Countries

Crypt0L0cker Ransomware, also well known as Torrentlocker and simply Teerac, was first spotted in 2014 targeting Austria and European countries. But, afterwards, gradually its distribution was stopped. As a result, Crypt0L0cker started dying off in the middle of 2015. However,…
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Lockdroid Ransomware Could Affect 67% of Android Devices

Cyber security experts have discovered a new variant of Android Ransomware named as Lockdroid ransomware which imitates the lock-screen interface in order to deceive Android users. This ransomware spreads as a Trojan horse which is identified as a Android.Lockdroid.E virus….
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Google to Prohibit JavaScript Attachments in Gmail for Improving Security

Google has made this very clear through its declaration that it is going to enhance security against attack by hackers. The survey conducted few days ago has witnessed that Gmail was being used as strong base for phishing attack. But…
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ATM Malware ‘Ploutus’ Controlled By a Text Message & Spews Cash

Ploutus is a Trojan malware which appeared in year 2013 in Mexico and resurfaced onto the security scan in the mid of November 2016 with an updated version. This malware is especially designed by the cyber offenders in order to…
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Phishing Attacks Target Cryptocurrency Wallets After Bitcoin Price Surges

The continuing rise in Bitcoin price has resulted in an intensify in phishing attacks against the Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) wallets in an attempt by the cyber offenders to set up bogus domains in order to confuse Bitcoin owners into giving away…
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