Complete Guide To Get Rid Of Total Antivirus 2020 Fake Antivirus from Internet Explorer

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Installation folder: C:\Program Files\Total Antivirus 2020 Fake Antivirus
Program executable: Total Antivirus 2020 Fake Antivirus.exe
Path: C:\Program Files\Total Antivirus 2020 Fake Antivirus\Total Antivirus 2020 Fake Antivirus.exe
Addition Files (Malware Detected)
(Malware detected) Total Antivirus 2020 Fake Antivirus.dll
Adware.Win64.Total Antivirus 2020 Fake Antivirus.CC by K7GW
Variant of Win64/AdWare.Total Antivirus 2020 Fake Antivirus.B by ZCloudsec
Adware-OneStep.l by ALYac
Remove Total Antivirus 2020 Fake Antivirus Now !

Total Antivirus 2020 Fake Antivirus may have entered your pc through these software. If you have not installed them , then get rid of them Still Themes 1.6 , iA Writer Pro 1.5.2 , The Secret Order: Masked Intent CE 1.0 , FakePiano 1.0 , Meteorologist 1.6.1 , iPod nano 1.0 , SpamAssassin 3.3.2 , World Clock , Cortex Command B22 , Movie Outline 3.1.5 , CCMenu 1.7 , TouchRetouch 1.0.5 , Clip It! 1.0a , Pictacular 0.4.3 , GPSy 3.41 , Gift Manager 1.2.1 , File Type Jig 1.0.7

About Total Antivirus 2020 Fake Antivirus


Are you receiving several pop-ups or ads of Total Antivirus 2020 Fake Antivirus on your computer screen? Are you unable to use your internet properly? Well, it is sad but your PC is under attack of adware program created by professional cyber criminals to conduct various unhealthy activities on your PC. So before it does anything serious to PC, you should remove it quickly as possible. Removal instructions are given below. Read it to know.

Total Antivirus 2020 Fake Antivirus is a vicious computer program of adware group that tricks you into downloading it on your system. The name itself is enough to convince user that the program is useful and will provide some useful features. It then tricks you into downloading its file easily. You need to very careful because it can conduct some serious online scam. The basic purpose of an adware program is to quick money online just by monetizing users online activities and redirect user to sponsored web pages. This redirection is mainly done to generate revenue. Actually, once you click on the ads or links shown on your computer screen, this single click generate money to hackers. Once it manages to get inside your system, it will start displaying various sponsored and tempting ads on browsing screen.

As a result, entire screen is soon flooded with lots of ads making it cumbersome for you to surf the internet. Adware monitors and collects search terms such that all the ads Total Antivirus 2020 Fake Antivirus generates will be related to your interest. This pesky program may lure you in many ways to get clicked on the ads shown. But you must remember not to click on any of the ads or links shown without investigating about it. These ads are so notorious that once it appears on screen do not go very easily. Even clicking close button fails to make them appear next time on screen.

It is such a risky malware that it can be prove as highly risky for your PC as well data stored on it. On getting activated on targeted PC, it starts to perform several malignant activities on the system. Total Antivirus 2020 Fake Antivirus can inject various harmful codes in registry editor. Presence of adware program makes your PC way too slow and dull in performance. So before it corrupts any important file or document, it is better to get rid of Total Antivirus 2020 Fake Antivirus virus quickly.

Learn To Remove Total Antivirus 2020 Fake Antivirus Using Manual Methods

Phase 1 : Show Hidden Files To Delete Total Antivirus 2020 Fake Antivirus Related Files And Folders

1. For Windows 8 or 10 Users : From the Ribbon’s View in My PC click on Options icon.

Folder search option Win 10 or 8


2. For Windows 7 or Vista Users : Open My Computer and tap on Organize button on the upper left corner and then to Folder and Search Options from the drop down menu.

Folder search options Win vista or 7

3. Now go to the View tab and enable Show hidden files and folder options and then uncheck the Hide protected system operating files checkbox option below.

Folder and Search options step 3

4. Finally look for any suspicious files in the hidden folders as given below and delete it.


  • %AppData%\[adware_name]
  • %Temp%\[adware_name]
  • %LocalAppData%\[adware_name].exe
  • %AllUsersProfile%random.exe
  • %CommonAppData%\[adware_name]

Phase 2 : Get Rid of Total Antivirus 2020 Fake Antivirus Related Extensions Related From Different Web Browsers

From Chrome :

1. Click on Menu icon, hover through More Tools then tap on Extensions.

chrome tools extensions

2. Now click on Trash icon on the extensions tab there next to suspicious extensions to remove it.

chrome extensions trash

From Internet Explorer :

1. Click on Manage add-ons option from the drop down menu on going through Gear icon.

IE manage add-ins

2. Now if you find any suspicious extension in the Toolbars and Extensions panel then right click on it and Delete option to remove it.

IE toolbar and extensions

From Mozilla Firefox :

1. Tap on Add-ons on going through Menu icon.

mozilla add-ons

2. In the Extensions tab click on Disable or Remove button next to Total Antivirus 2020 Fake Antivirus related extensions to remove them.

mozilla extensions

From Opera :

1. Press Opera menu, hover to Extensions and then select Extensions manager there.

Opera Extension 1

2. Now if any browser extension looks suspicious to you then click on (X) button to remove it.

Opera Extension 2

From Safari :

1. Click Preferences… on going through Settings Gear icon.

safari settings - preferences

2. Now on Extensions tab click on Uninstall button to remove it.

Safari Extension tab

From Microsoft Edge :

Note:–As there is no option for Extension Manager in Microsoft Edge so in order to sort out issues related with adware programs in MS Edge you can change its default homepage and search engine.

Change Default Homepage of Ms Edge –

1. Click on More(…) followed by Settings and then to Start page under Open With section.

Microsoft Edge View advanced settings

2. Now select View advanced settings button and then in Search in the address bar with section, you can select Google or any other homepage as your preference.

Ms Edge Homepage 2

Change Default Search Engine Settings of Ms Edge –

1. Select More(…) then Settings followed by View advanced settings button.

Microsoft Edge View advanced settings

2. Under Search in the address bar with box click on <Add new>. Now you can choose from the available list of search providers or add you preferred search engine and click Add as default.

Ms Edge Search Engine 2

Phase 3 : Block Unwanted Pop-ups from Total Antivirus 2020 Fake Antivirus On Different Web Browsers

1. Google Chrome : Click Menu icon → Settings → Show advanced settings… → Content Settings… under Privacy section → enable Do not allow any site to show pop-ups (recommended) option → Done.

Chrome Block pop-ups

2. Mozilla Firefox : Tap on Menu icon → Options → Content panel → check Block pop-up windows in Pop-ups section.

Mozilla Block Pop-ups in Content tab

3. Internet Explorer : Click Gear Settings icon → Internet Options → in Privacy tab enable Turn on Pop-up Blocker under Pop-up Blocker Section.

Pop-up Blocker Internet Explorer

4. Microsoft Edge : Press More(…) option → Settings → View advanced settings → toggle on Block pop-ups.

Ms Edge Block Pop-ups

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Still having troubles in removing Total Antivirus 2020 Fake Antivirus from your compromised PC ? Then you don’t need to worry. You can feel free to ask questions to us about malware related issues.

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