Download Bomb Is Back In Google Chrome – Also Effects Another Installed Browsers


According to the security researcher, the releasing of Google Chrome 67 has reopened the download bomb bug that was mainly explored by the technical supports scanners in last winter and was fixed in the March 2018 with released of Chrome 65. Some of the researchers reported that it seems to affect other installed browsers including Firefox, Opera, Brave and Vilvadi.

Download Bomb Trick Returns in Chrome

Download Bomb Comes Back In Chrome Browser

Over the years, there are several types of download bombs used by the tech support scampers to catch the System users on the malicious or hacked domain trying to get victims to call on tech support number to unlock their browser. Download bomb is actually a technique that initiates thousand of downloads to freeze a browser.

Primarily, Download Bomb trick was discovered when Chrome variant Google Chrome 67 was released. However, experts have eliminated it with Chrome 65 in the Spring 2018. unfortunately, it has reappeared on the Chrome 67.0.3396.87 and expanded its targets. Download Bomb, a technique mainly designed to perform excessive amount of downloads to freeze browser when users visiting any specific site. This tricky method is mainly used by the scammers to stop the System users on fake System virus alert webpages and lure them into calling through fraudulent tech support number.

Method on Which Download Bomb Is Based

Download Bomb is mainly based on the JavaScript Blob method that allows starting hundreds or thousands of downloads at same time with window.navigator.msSaveOrOpenBlob function that is mainly known to freeze the browser. Hackers often too much eager to get remote access to targeted PC for several reasons such as infect PC with ransomware, infect PC with another crypto-mining malware, place spyware or other key-loggers etc.


Download Bomb Also Affects Other Browsers

Most of the System users think that Download Bomb is mainly affected the Chrome browser. If you are also one also one of them then you are absolutely wrong because according to the most popular security researcher named Jérôme Segura, it also affected the Firefox browser in February. System security experts used PoC, Proof-of-Concept code to test browsers and they reported that Download Bomb can also affect Brave, Vivaldi and many other browser. But it doesn’t affected Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

If somehow, you land on the any technical support site that uses Download Bomb trick and your web browser is configured to open last accessed site then it is possible to close tech support site’s tab before this trick kicks in. Because the technical support scam site loads the download bomb code after page has loaded and it gives only few seconds to System users to close tab until browser freezes.

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