FacexWorm, Malicious Chrome Extension Spreads via Facebook Messenger


Recently, TrendMicro has revealed a new cryptocurrency mining Google Chrome extension at end of the April 2018 named FacexWorm that takes advantage of Facebook virus to attack wide range of Windows PC. It is well known for hacking facebook accounts and send the social engineering spam links through Facebook Messenger. This variant of malware is capable for stealing the users passwords, injecting the mining codes into specific sites, redirect to the cryptocurrency scan websites and much more.

Points That You Must Know About FacexWorm

FacexWorm is actually a suspicious and malicious Google Chrome browser extension. First of all it was detected in the August 2017 but recently, a new version is discovered by security researchers in April 2018. The working tactics of the newly discovered variant is similar to previous one but it is mainly focused on the Google Chrome, Facebook and the cryptocurrency System users. Such a dubious extension often infects System users with primary objective of Spamming the Facebook users and steal their all credentials and cryptocurrency funds

Ways Through Which FacexWorm Infects Users PC

The latest or new variant of FacexWorm usually infects the System users via Facebook Messenger. Through Facebook Messenger, the System users receive a spam link as cyber hackers spread the dubious link to all victim friends. When the System users clicked on any spam or dubious URL, URL redirects them to the fake YouTube webpage and tricks novice or affected System users into installing the fake YouTube themed Google Chrome browser extension. After that it asks innocent users to play video on fake webpage of YouTube. To distribute FacexWorm widely, it establishes the connect with Command and Control severs and check the behavior of propagation. Besides, the creators of FacexWorm uses various tricky and deceptive ways to ruin Windows machine.

Negative Traits of FacexWorm

  • Injects several malicious mining codes on entire webpage.
  • Always leads innocent users to hackers referral link.
  • Automatically download and install several malicious JavaScript from C&C server.
  • Always redirects affected users to scam webpages.
  • Injects the cryptojacking mining script in browser.
  • Steals users all personal data with evil and wrong intention.
  • Hijacks the transactions and web wallets.
  • Crooks tried to make online money through referral URLs.

Tips To Prevent PC Against FacexWorm or Other Malware

  1. Keep your apps and Windows PC always updated.
  2. Always enable your popup blocker.
  3. Avoid the freeware download sites.
  4. Always keep a backup copy of your all crucial files.
  5. Keep an excellent and legitimate anti-virus application.
  6. Keep an eye carefully while doing online operation.
  7. Always use trusted sources to download and install any freeware packages etc.

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