How To Remove Virus From Android Phone


This post aims to help Android user to remove virus from Android phone. So, if you have detected a malware or suspicious virus on your Android phone and you really want to delete it then reading of this tutorial guide will be really helpful for you. Keep reading this tutorial guide completely.

remove virus from Android phone

Know About Android Phone Virus

In this modern and digital era, almost everyone carries Android smartphone that featured with several excellence feature. It doesn’t only used by people for communication purposes but also used it to store their all data in various form. With the increase in usage of Android phone, the number of virus attack on smartphone also gets increased. Being a malware, it will lead you to several serious issues. So, it is very necessary to remove virus from your Android phone.

Symptoms To Identify The Attack of Virus On Android Phone

  • Appearances of annoying or unknown pop-ups out of sudden.
  • High data usage.
  • Sudden draining of Android phone’s battery.
  • Unexplained messages as well as phone calls.
  • Download and installation of several unfamiliar applications.

Tricks To Avoid Android Phone Against Virus

  1. Don’t download and install any application from outside the Google Play Store.
  2. Avoid yourself for downloading cloned applications from the unknown developers.
  3. Check the permission of application before clicking on Install button.
  4. Keep your Android phone always up-to-date.

Solutions to remove virus from Android phone

Solution 1 : Reboot Your Android Phone In Safe Mode

    • Press and hold Power button of your Android phone till you see Power menu.
    • After that tap and hold Power off button until you prompted to ‘Reboot to safe mode’.
    • Then, click on the OK button.
    • Now, wait for Android phone to restart or reboot.

    • After that locate Virus.
    • For this, go to Settings >> Application menu >> Downloaded apps.

  • Uninstall App that includes Android virus.
  • At last, remove the right of administrator of contaminated application.

Solution 2 : Uninstall Any Identified Suspicious Apps

  • Go to Setting of your Android phone.
  • After that choose Apps and Notifications option.
  • Then after click on All Apps option which as a result list of application will be displayed on your screen with uninstall button.

Solution 3 : Do Factory Reset of Your Android Phone

    • Go to Settings icon of your Android Phone.
    • Scroll down and choose System option.
    • On next, go to Advanced option and then click on Reset option.
    • Lastly click on Erase all data, this action will erase your all data including virus stored on Android phone.


Solution 4 : Delete Chrome Notifications Spam

    • At first, open Chrome app on your Android phone.
    • Go to Settings >> Advanced >> Site Settings

    • On the menu of Site Settings, click on Notifications.

    • Now, you have to find out the malicious site and then tap on ‘Clean & Reset’ button.
    • If a confirmation box will be appear on your screen, click on Clean & Reset button.

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