Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) Guide: Best PST Repair Software IF INbox Repair Tool Fails

Get Complete Technical Details About Inbox repair Tool



inbox repair toolInbox Repair Tool is known as Scanpst.exe that is a free softwares that is developed by the Microsoft. This utility is already in-built in Microsoft Outlook. Hence, with the help of this Microsoft free tool, a user can  repair corrupt Outlook items like Calendar, Journals, Contacts, Tasks etc, and will also repair some Outlook errors, that occurs most of the time.

This tool is located in the C:\ProgramFiles\Microsoft Office\root\Office16 folder, depending on OS Versions that you are using. Run this Scanpst.exe tool as Administrator. In provided space, just enter the name and location of file that you want to scan and click on Start.

What Inbox Repair Tool Or  Scanpst.exe Does ?


inbox repair tool

When you run Inbox Repair Tool or  Scanpst.exe on a Personal Folder (Outlook .PST File), it analyzes the Personal Folders directory structure and items headers to recover all folders and items in MS Outlook. It means, Inbox Repair Tool or  Scanpst.exe found problems, and then repair it. This tool always try to turn any file into a .PST File.


Recover Personal Folders File


After running Inbox Repair Tool or  Scanpst.exe, start Outlook by using the Profile, that contains .PST file that you want to repair. On the View Menu, click on Folder List to turn on the Folder List View. You should see following recovered folders :

inbox repair tool

  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Deleted Items
  • Inbox
  • Journal
  • Notes
  • Outbox
  • Sent Items
  • Tasks

These recovered folders are usually empty, because this is a rebuilt. You should also see a folder known as “Lost And Found”. It contains folder and items that Inbox Repair Tool or  Scanpst.exe recovers, that are missing from the “Lost And Found” folder, are beyond the repair.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Inbox Repair Tool Or Scanpst.exe :



  • Inbox repair Tool is efficient to handle all your minor corruption issues.
  • It also creates a log report after completing the scanning process. It also describes how many items are fixed.
  • Overcome corruption and available the Internal data structure of PST File.
  • It can easily find through the “Search Program and Files Option”.
  • This Program is really free and automatically installed in the machine once user installs MS Outlook.



  • exe is unable to repair your deleted items.
  • This tool doesn’t handle major corruption issues.
  • Not capable to repair password protected files.
  • Does not support, if corruption occurs in the body part.
  • Sometimes during repairing, it mistakenly deleted emails.

Why There Is Need To Run Inbox Repair Tool Or Scanpst.exe?


inbox repair tool

We need to run the  Scanpst.exe Whenever Outlook PST files get corrupted, due to various reasons such as improper shutdown, virus attack on data file, hard drive failure etc. Hence, due to these grounds, it gives some error messages as “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook”, “Cannot open the Outlook Window”, “Set of folders cannot be opened”, “Outlook Error 0x800CC0F” etc.

inbox repair tool

inbox repair tool

How To Run Scanpst.exe Utility?


To run the  Scanpst.exe utility, you have to go through following steps :

  1. At first close, “Microsoft Outlook”.
  2. Then click on C:\ProgramsFiles\Microsoft Office\Office14\SCANPST.inbox repair tool
  3. Now, click on the SCANPST. Here a pop-up windows will appear on your screen, then click on Browse button to select the Outlook PST File and then hit Start button.
  4. Then enter the name of the files you want to scan, and browse.inbox repair tool
  5. After hitting start button, this tool will check the consistency of file.inbox repair tool
  6. A new windows will appear that show location of PST file, number of folders found as well as total items found in this PST file. Check the option “Make backup of scanned file before repairing”. After that click on “Repair” button to repair the corrupt PST file.inbox repair tool
  7. After hitting “Repair” option, the scanpst.exe utility will show “Repair complete” message. Click on Ok button.

inbox repair tool

Note : Before performing any SCANPST operations, just make a backup of PST File.

Location Of Inbox Repair Tool / Scanpst.exe


inbox repair tool location

The main location of the  Inbox Repair Tool / Scanpst.exe could vary depending on the MS Outlook Versions.

MS Outlook 2016 :

Windows 32-bit – C:\ProgramFiles\MicrosoftOffice\Office16

Windows 64-bit – C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\MicrosoftOffice\Office16

MS Outlook 64-bit – C:\ProgramFiles\MicrosoftOffice\Office16

MS Outlook 2013 :

Windows 32-bit – C:\ProgramFiles\MicrosoftOffice\Office15

Windows 64-bit – C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\MicrosoftOffice\Office15

MS Outlook 64-bit – C:\ProgramFiles\MicrosoftOffice\Office15

MS Outlook 2010 :

Windows 32-bit – C:\ProgramFiles\MicrosoftOffice\Office14

Windows 64-bit – C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\MicrosoftOffice\Office14

MS Outlook 64-bit – C:\ProgramFiles\MicrosoftOffice\Office14

MS Outlook 2007 :

Windows 32-bit – C:\ProgramFiles\MicrosoftOffice\Office12

Windows 64-bit – C:\ProgramFiles (x86)\MicrosoftOffice\Office12

MS Outlook 64-bit – C:\ProgramFiles\MicrosoftOffice\Office12

MS Outlook 2003 :

Windows 32-bit – C:\ProgramFiles\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\<locate ID>\

Windows 64-bit – C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\<locate ID>\

MS Outlook 2002 or XP :

C:\ProgramFiles\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\<locate ID>\scanpst.exe

MS Outlook 2000 :

C:\ProgramFiles\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\<locate ID>\NT\scanpst.exe

MS Outlook 97 and 98 :

C:\ProgramFiles\Common Files\System\Windows Messaging\scanpst.exe

What If  Scanpst.exe Not Find In Its Default Location?

If you are unable to find the  Scanpstexe on its default locations, then it might be possible that you have disabled this option. Just click on “Show hidden files and folders”. So, make sure that this option is enabled.

Check On Windows OS (2010)

  1. At first click on Ask me anything >> type Folder Options >> click on File Explorer Options.


2. A new Window named as “File Explorer Options” will open on your screen

3. Go to View tab under Advanced Settings, enable Show Hidden files and folders, and drives, and click OK.


What To Do, If Inbox Repair Tool / Scanpst.exe Fails?


If your  Inbox Repair Tool /Scanpst.exe is not responding, to repair your corrupted .PST file, then it could be possible that your Outlook Data file is highly corrupted. You have to forcefully close the Inbox Repair Application and restart your system. Then after make a copy of your PST File. Always attempt to recover the file again using the Scanpst.exe. If still not recovered, use a specialized Outlook PST Recovery application to get back your lost or corrupted Outlook PST Data.

This Inbox Repair Tool /  Scanpst.exe repairs only minor level corruption in PST files only. There is no any free utility available on the web, which can repair highly corrupted PST File. So, in such a scenario, you have to move on any third-party software that is capable to repair corrupted Outlook PST File.

Now if you are not able to repair your corrupted PST files with Inbox Repair tool then you need to know about the alternative software’s which will recover your lost emails and important data from corrupted PST file. Here we are providing you the best PST Repair software, which will solve your problem.

Best PST Repair Software 2017 if Inbox Repair Tools Fails

You have tried Inbox Repair Tool/Scanpst.exe but it failed to recover your corrupted pst file. All your mails are lost now. Now you must be looking for best alternative to Inbox Repair tool, Don’t worry, we are providing the best PST repair software to get back all your corrupted and lost emails. Our Tech guys have researched and come up with the best for you. We are providing you with best 5 PST Repair software in alternative to Inbox Repair tool.

PST Repair software Name Outlook Version Support Download Trial Check Price
Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair

(Editor’s Choice)

MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 & 2000 Download Now Check Price
DataNumen Outlook Repair

(Editor’s Choice)

32bit and 64bit Outlook 97 to 2016 Download Now Check Price
Remo Repair Outlook (PST) Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016 Download Now Check Price
Kernel for Outlook PST Repair MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, 98 and 97 Download Now Check Price


Here is the top 4 software’s which is best alternative to Inbox repair tool if it fails. Now we will look in more depth about all the above mentioned PST Repair Software, one by one.

1-Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair : 1st Rank Software


stellar pst best alternative to inbox repair tool

Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair is recommended as best repair tool that comes with superb utility, which everyone that uses MS Outlook should have in their toolkit. This application can repair severely broken PST files with great ease. With this wonderful application, you can fix any corrupted PST files from MS Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016, in order to recover emails, calendars, contacts, journals, and notes. Among other recovery features, Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair capable of restoring the original formatting from HTML and RTF messages.

Basic Features Of Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair :


  • Repairs corrupted Outlook PST file and recover emails, contacts, attachments, tasks, notes, journals etc.
  • Saves your repaired files as PST, DBX, MBOX, MSG, EML, RTF, HTML and PDF Files.
  • Also repairs encrypted PST File before saving.
  • Splits PST File that is based on mail ID, size and date before saving.
  • Also enables preview of the mails and other email components after the files is scanned.
  • Facilitates the selective recovery of the mails.
  • Repairs corrupt MS Outlook 2016, 2016, 2010, 2007, 2003 PST Files.

Best User Guide To Recover PST File Using Top Ranked Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair Software


  1. At first click on the Find Outlook File or Select Outlook File options start to repairing process.inbox repair tool
  2. To accomplish it, you are required to click on Find Outlook File option, and then click on Look In option after selecting the drive name where your damage PST is located.inbox repair tool
  3. Then select all the corrupted PST files that are start to scanning, you are required to click on the Start option.inbox reapir tool
  4. Selected PST Files repaired successfully, you are required to click on any item by choosing from the tree on left.

inbox repair tool


stellar pst alternative to inbox repair tool

2- DataNumen Outlook Repair : 2nd  Rank Software


datanumen pst repair

DataNumen Outlook Repair is an advanced software that can recover your email, folders, appointments, tasks, and anything else that holds your critical data in Outlook’s Personal files (PST). It uses advanced algorithms in order to scan your damaged PST file, and recover your email messages and all other items as much as possible, in order to minimize the loss in the corruption.

Main features Of DataNumen Outlook Repair


  • Support 32 bit / 64 bit Outlook 97 to 2013 and Outlook for Office 365.
  • Support to recover mail messages, folders, posts, appointments, meeting requests, contacts, distribution lists, tasks, tasks request, journals and notes in PST files.
  • Also support to recover the attachments, including the documents and images attached to messages and embedded in HTML bodies.
  • Support to recover embedded objects, such as another message. Excel Worksheets, Work documents etc.

User Guide For DataNumen Outlook Repair


  1. At first start DataNumen Outlook Repair.
  2. Then after just repair your damaged or corrupt PST file with the DataNumen Outlook Repair.
  3. Then select the damaged or corrupt Outlook PST file to be repaired. You can also input the PST file name directly or click the .. button to browse and select your file.inbox repair tool
  4. However, if you know the Outlook version of source PST file to be repaired, then you can specify in the combo box, beside the source file edit box, possible formats are Outlook 97 – 2002, and Outlook 2003 – 2010. It will take additional time.inbox repair tool
  5. By default, DataNumen Outlook Repair will save the recovered data into a new file named xxxx_fixed.pst. Where xxxx is the name of source PST file.inbox repair tool
  6. You can select the format of the fixed PST file in the combo box, beside the fixed file edit box, possible formats are Outlook 97-2002 and Outlook 2003-2010. If you leave the format as “Auto determined”, then it will generate the fixed PST file compatible with the Outlook installed on the local computer.inbox repair tool
  7. Click on Start Repair button, and DataNumen Outlook Repair will start scanning and then repairing the source PST file.  After the repair process, if the source PST file can be repaired successfully, you will see a message box.
    datanumen pst repair
    datanumen pst repairdatanumen pst
  8. Now, you can open the fixed PST file with MS Outlook.Note : The demo version of DataNumen Outlook Repair will display the following message box to show the success of the recovery .scanpst.exe


inbox repair

3 – Remo PST Repair Tool : 3rd Rank Software


remo pst repair alternative to inbox repair toolRemo PST Repair Tool is most used tool that can repair all your corrupted or inaccessible PST File and  securely recover all Outlook attributes including your emails, contacts, in few clicks. This is another excellent options when Scanpst.exe doesn’t work out. This software incorporates non-destructive mechanism during the entire scanning and fixing process. This won’t alter your source PST file, that’s why its extremely safe to use. It can handle the PST more than 2GB in size and many other tools that don’t support. Remo PST Repair Tool can repair under any Windows based PC and its supports Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Common Features Of Remo PST Repair Tool

  • Remo PST Repair Tool is an innovative application that can quickly and safely repair your PST file without affecting the original file.
  • Recovers deleted emails as well as other Outlooks info including notes, tasks, contacts, and so on.
  • Possess strong ability to fix any type of Outlook Error.
  • If you don’t know the exact location of PST file, Remo PST Repair Tool will find and repair PST files in efficient way.
  • Its 100% safe software that first scans entire PST file, and then recreates a healthy Outlook data file.
  • Provides Demo Version of Remo PST Repair Tool, and a real time preview of recovered Outlook data.

Simple Steps To Recover PST Data Using Remo PST Repair Tool

  1. Download Remo PST Repair Tool and then install in the system.remo alternative to inbox repair tool
  2. After launching this software, the main screen get filled with three different options as Open Default PST file, Select PST File Manually, and Find All Your PST Files.remo alternative to scanpst.exe
  3. Next screen, it displays two different scanning options as Normal Scan and Smart Scan. Just select the level of scanning depends upon your requirements and provide the destination path to save required PST file.inbox repair tool
  4. Then click on repair option to start repairing process.



remo alternative to inbox reapir tool

4 – Kernel Outlook Pst Repair Tool : 4th Rank Software


inbox repairKernel Outlook PST Repair Tool is powerful tool that will repairs severely corrupt PST files to recover, not only emails, but also the entire Outlook elements like contacts, journals, attachments, tasks, notes, calendars, items, and personal folders. This software by default recovers some deleted emails while repairing PST File and includes them in the new PST file. It provides you with on screen message when scanning end showing the number of emails, folders, contacts, etc. that can be obtained from the repaired PST file. This is read only software. As it repairs the corrupt PST file and restores it in a new PST file to avoid any sort of damaged or overwriting to source file.

Why Kernel Outlook PST Repair Tool is Smarter, Safer and Better Tool?


Smarter Because

  • It repairs severely corrupted PST file to recover emails, but also entire Outlook elements like Contacts, Journals, Attachments, Tasks, notes, calendar, items, sent items, personal folders etc.
  • This software by default recovers all the deleted emails while fixing PST file and includes them in new PST File.
  • When you attempt to repair the damaged PST file using Inbox Repair tool, it may fail to regain it and other attempts may corrupt it severely.
  • When you don’t know the exact location of your PST file that needs to be repaired, it provides you the option to search the PST file with help of its advanced scanning technology.

Safer Because

  • Its read only software. It repairs corrupt PST file and restores it in a new PST file to avoid any sort of damaged or overwriting to source file.
  • During scanning process, it immediately stores the PST file in virtual memory. Thus, less number of system resources are used.

Better Because

  • This is highly competitive, as it can repair severely corrupted PST files with the help of two scanning methods having some extremely high success ratio.
  • After scanning process ends, the repaired emails and other attributes can be viewed in an Outlook styled preview Window.
  • It also possess the ability to repair password locked PST files by utilizing its deep scan technology.
  • PST files that are damaged due to size limitation error can be repaired and regained without any difficulty.
  • It also manages to repair large PST / OST files even more than 20GB.

Steps to Recover Corrupted PST File


1- Open Kernel for Outlook PST repair software, mail window will apper. Browse and select the Path of your Corrupted PST file.01 Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) Guide: Best PST Repair Software IF INbox Repair Tool Fails
2- If you don’t know the path of your corrupted PST file, click search option, a “search PST file” dialog box appears2 Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) Guide: Best PST Repair Software IF INbox Repair Tool Fails
3- Click browse button and select the folder where you want to search for PST file. once selected click search button.3 Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) Guide: Best PST Repair Software IF INbox Repair Tool Fails
4- Sofware will show all the PST file in that folder.4 Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) Guide: Best PST Repair Software IF INbox Repair Tool Fails
5- Select the Required file and click OK.
6- Click Next button, “select Recovery mode ” window will appear. It will display all the option for repairing PST file.5 Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) Guide: Best PST Repair Software IF INbox Repair Tool Fails
7- Click Finish to start the repair process6 Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) Guide: Best PST Repair Software IF INbox Repair Tool Fails
8- Once finished a Preview screen will appear, which will show your recovered mail on left pane of the window. Select folder to view it in right pane.7 Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) Guide: Best PST Repair Software IF INbox Repair Tool Fails
9- Select the folder you want to save, and click save buttton. Once click a “save output type” window will appear.8 Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) Guide: Best PST Repair Software IF INbox Repair Tool Fails
10- Select Required format in which you want to save, click Next.
11- Select the desired location where you want your recovered PST file to get stored.9 Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) Guide: Best PST Repair Software IF INbox Repair Tool Fails


free download Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) Guide: Best PST Repair Software IF INbox Repair Tool Fails

These are the best alternative to Inbox Repair Tool , if it fails. You can get all your corrupted and lost emails by using these best PST repair tools. You can download and get back your lost emails.


What to Do Now?


Now you have the best alternative for failing Inbox Repair tool. You have now the option to try best PST repair software , if your Scanpst.exe fails. you should look out for the software which should fulfill these features:

  • Find Option
  • Preview Support
  • Selective Emails and Accidental Deleted Emails Recovery
  • Large PST File Recovery Support
  • Encrypted and password protected PST file recovery support.
  • Support Emails saving in several formats.
  • Also have option to save repaired PST fIle on external Media and Network Location.

And all these features is covered by #1 Stellar PST Repair software:

free download Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) Guide: Best PST Repair Software IF INbox Repair Tool Fails

Final Words: Get the Best one

Our review for best alternative to inbox repair tool , if it fails will give you best option to repair your corrupted pst files. Now you don’t have to be confused about best pst repair tool, just follow your recommendation and get the best. Our Technicians have researched and checked out the functionality, interface and recovery % of all the pst repair software. We have researched extensively and come up with these PST repair software as an alternative to Inbox Repair tool , if it fails.

We hope that this post about Inbox repair tool and its alternative PST repair software will help you all. In cas of any query contact us.


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