Know How To Remove FileConvertGiant  from Opera


BH 6 Know How To Remove FileConvertGiant  from Opera

FileConvertGiant  may have entered your pc through these software. If you have not installed them , then get rid of them Skim , Pixie Pond 1.0 , PostgreSQL Cocoa Libraries X 0.5 , Firestorm 2.0 , FileMaker Server 14.0.1 , CalendarMaker , CompanionLink 5.3 , SecureFolders 0.2.0 , Washing Machine 10.8.5 , SmartVideo 1.0 , Horoscope Widget 1.2.0 , Grady Profile 3.0 , The Walking Dead – A Telltale Games Series 1.0 , sshortcut 0.2b

Displayed publisher: FileConvertGiant 
Installation folder: C:\Program Files\FileConvertGiant 
Program executable: FileConvertGiant .exe
Path: C:\Program Files\FileConvertGiant \FileConvertGiant .exe
Addition Files (Malware Detected)
(Malware detected) FileConvertGiant .dll
Trojan.Win64.FileConvertGiant .AA by CMC
Variant of Win32/Trojan.FileConvertGiant .B by zvelo by AVware
Uninstall FileConvertGiant  Now!

Know About FileConvertGiant 

FileConvertGiant  is a type of notorious redirect domain which performs redirection on undesirable websites and having a bad reputation. Once this redirect virus appears into the system, it nay implement different nasty items and spoil the regular performance. It has several malicious tasks which irritate users and down the browsing experiences. This domain shows pop-ups windows and fake advertisements so that user can click on these and get redirected to its own phishing websites. It boost up the traffic of third party websites.

How Does FileConvertGiant  Enters Into Your System

FileConvertGiant  enters via freeware downloads. When you download any free software, the malign code enters through this and injects to spread vulnerability to your computer. The other methods are spam email attachments, peer to peer network file transfer, clicking on malicious links, visiting unknown websites that you have never seen before.

FileConvertGiant  – Ill Effects

FileConvertGiant  is very annoying browser hijacker. It hijacks your default browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox etc. Your search page will not appears by typing few words in address bar. It change the homepage of your default browser and search page that you may fail to fix it. This is such an annoying redirect virus which helps cyber criminals to solve their wrong intention. They easily hack your data and collect it to make money. They watch your all online activities remotely. This is one of the major issue for you because you may face lots of trouble after losing your important information. So, it is much better that you should take the preventive actions to protect your PC and remove FileConvertGiant  quickly from your computer.

Common Symptoms Of FileConvertGiant 

  • FileConvertGiant  alter your search page and homepage of the default browser.
  • It changes the internet options.
  • The accessibility of certain function get blocked
  • It changes the reset file to unable user to reset web settings in browser.
  • By default add websites to the trusted region.
  • It adds a proxy server for intercepting the traffic.
  • It alters the user’s style sheet.
  • Preventive actions of FileConvertGiant 
  • Read the terms and conditions of free software before installing it.
  • Use strong password while using internet
  • Install and update antivirus to scan your system daily.

How to Manually Remove FileConvertGiant  From Compromised PC ?

Uninstall FileConvertGiant  and Suspicious Application From Control Panel

Step 1. Right Click on the Start button and select Control Panel option.

Right click Windows 10 logo


Step 2. Here get Uninstall a Program Option under the Programs.

uninstall a program

Step 3. Now you can see all installed and recently added applications at a single place and you can easily remove any unwanted or unknown program from here. In this regard you only need to choose the specific application and click on Uninstall option.

program and features uninstall

Note:- Sometimes it happens that removal of FileConvertGiant  does not work in expected way, but you need not to worry, you can also take a chance for the same from Windows registry. To get this task done, please see the below given steps.

Complete FileConvertGiant  Removal From Windows Registry

Step 1. In order to do so you are advised to do the operation in safe mode and for that you have to restart the PC and Keep F8 key for few second. You can do the same with different versions of Windows to successfully carry out FileConvertGiant  removal process in safe mode.


Step 2. Now you should select Safe Mode option from several one.

safe mode

Step 3. After that it is required to press Windows + R key simultaneously.

Windows R

Step 4. Here you should type “regedit” in Run text box and then press OK button.


Step 5. In this step you are advised to press CTRL+F in order to find malicious entries.

Ctrl F find

Step 6. At last you only have all the unknown entries created by FileConvertGiant  hijacker and you have to delete all unwanted entries quickly.

Find registry

Easy FileConvertGiant  Removal from Different Web browsers

Malware Removal From Mozilla Firefox

Step 1. Launch Mozilla Firefox and go to “Options

Mozilla Menu Options

Step 2. In this window If your homepage is set as FileConvertGiant  then remove it and press OK.

Mozilla Homepage

Step 3. Now you should select “Restore To Default” option to make your Firefox homepage as default. After that click on OK button.

Mozilla restore default homepage

Step 4. In the next window you have again press OK button.

Experts Recommendation:- Security analyst suggest to clear browsing history after doing such activity on the browser and for that steps are given below, have a look:-

Step 1. From the Main Menu you have to choose “History” option at the place of “Options” that you have picked earlier.

mozilla history

Step 2. Now Click Clear Recent History option from this window.

mozilla clear recent history

Step 3. Here you should select “Everything” from Time range to clear option.

mozilla clear recent history everything

Step 4. Now you can tick all check boxes and press Clear Now button to get this task completed. Finally restart the PC.

Remove FileConvertGiant  From Google Chrome Conveniently

Step 1. Launch the Google Chrome browser and pick Menu option and then Settings from the top right corner on the browser.

chrome menu settings

Step 2. From the On Startup section, you need to pick Set Pages option.

Step 3. Here if you find FileConvertGiant  as a startup page then remove it by pressing cross (X) button and then click on OK.

chrome startup pages

Step 4. Now you need to choose Change option in the Appearance section and again do the same thing as done in previous step.

chrome homepage

Know How To Clean History on Google Chrome

Step 1. After clicking on Setting option from the Menu, you will see History option in the left panel of the screen.

chrome history tab

Step 2. Now you should press Clear Browsing Data and also select time as a “beginning of time“. Here you also need to choose options that want to get.


Step 3. Finally hit the Clear Browsing data.

Solution To Remove Unknown ToolBar From Browsers

If you want to delete unknown toolbar created by FileConvertGiant  then you should go through the below given steps that can make your task easier.

For Chrome:-

Go to Menu option >> Tools >> Extensions >> Now choose the unwanted toolbar and click Trashcan Icon and then restart the browser.

chrome extensions trash

For Internet Explorer:-

Get the Gear icon >> Manage add-ons >> “Toolbars and Extensions” from left menu >> now select required toolbar and hot Disable button.

IE toolbar and extensions

Mozilla Firefox:-

Find the Menu button at top right corner >> Add-ons >> “Extensions” >> here you need to find unwanted toolbar and click Remove button to delete it.

mozilla extensions


Open Safari browser and select Menu >> Preferences >> “Extensions” >> now choose toolbar to remove and finally press Uninstall Button. At last restart the browser to make change in effect.

Safari Extension tab

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