Monero Miner Malware : Another Malware Involved in Cryptocurrency Theft


According to the new reports of security experts, Cloudflare, an Internet domain provider has started to crack down on the sites that executed the hidden cryptocurrency Miners. As well all know that, Mining crypto-currencies are very popular term which is used in earning the cash among tech-savvy users. There are several legal methods for doing so, you may invest in the high end equipment and start to mine using your own hardware. Mining is actually a process that consumes a fair but of precious time, it may be months or years. The legitimate approach of mining the crypto-currencies may be riskier because crypto-currencies worth may collapse the overnight and steal the large amount of ransom money.

To increase the productivity, System users could form the “mining pool”. Actually “mining pool” is a group, If System users who come together to mine and then after split the resources, they will definitely won in the end. The user who have no moral values or money in pockets they should not use check it and try to use the different approach. Instead of the throwing all money for electricity and equipment, they could try illegal way for mining crypto-currencies.

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Know About Illegal Cryptocurrencies Mining

Before getting too much knowledge about the Cryptocurrencies Mining, let’s take a closer look at Cryptocurrency. This term is used as an Online version of money. Basically, the term derived from the Cryptography which is used to lock the transactions and control over the production of currency. These days, almost all modern malware makes money using Cryptocurrency technique to mine the Bitcoin. It is actually a digital currency which is used for Mining. Mining is really a very computationally intensive tasks that requires lots of the processing power.

Know How Monero Mining Operates

Like other Mining malware, Monero, also scan online to detect the servers that exploit the vulnerable and employs CVE-2017-7269. If any server’s vulnerable has been found, the cyber hackers gain the capability to execute the remote code and to acquire the local command shell on targeted System. Besides this, they plant all sorts of software and files to the modified version of XMRig. Same exploit kit was used in the recently released version of ransomware in 2017 named WannaCry ransomware.


The cyber attacks of corrupted XMRig have been worked over course of about the five months. This lead cyber experts to trust that hackers are responsible for Monero miner are now scanning for the new vulnerable servers regularly.

When cryptocurrencies have been an interesting topic, hackers unveiled that how they are being used by the undergo-ground hackers to support them in fraudulent schemes. Those System users who follow System security news, they know very well that how ransomware creator prefers the BitCoins as their payment method. Here, you will know that from where infected users use the modified CPU miners to acquire the Monero, an another crypto-currency by exploiting hardware resources of the innocent users. To avoid malware, it is very important to keep all installed software up-to-date and have a trustworthy anti-malware tool.

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