O-o-8-o-o.com Referral Spam : How To Delete? (Working Removal Guide)


O o 8 o o.com O-o-8-o-o.com Referral Spam : How To Delete? (Working Removal Guide)

What do you know about O-o-8-o-o.com Referral Spam?

Nowadays, scammers uses creative methods to promote their phishing websites by using one of the most recent method which is referral spam technique. Today, we are going to give detailed information on O-o-8-o-o.com referral spam. In case, if you’re a website owner who uses Google Analytics, then you might be surprised to see an extremely high rate of web traffic which is coming from an unknown web source, identified as a O-o-8-o-o.com referral spam. Although, don’t get excited because the occurrence of this web traffic source indicates that you have been spammed by the referral spam, that has actually no impact on your domain. Furthermore, this website is reported as a so-called Ghost Spam, which generally affects the reports in your Google Analytics.

However, you can spot this referral spam easily and it seems that plenty of visitors are coming from this domain. Also, you can notice that the bounce rate of these sessions are just equal to 100% while an average session duration is just equal to 0. If the website owner fails to recognize that the web traffic source is actually bogus, then they make possible bad decision on improving their site. What’s more, if you see this website URL in your Google Analytics, please avoid clicking on it, because this is what the spammers wants you to do. In fact, it is not a malicious virus, but it is a parasite which pollutes the Google Analytics data. If you don’t want to see fake Google Analytics reports, you should take immediate action to block O-o-8-o-o.com referral spam.

Why does O-o-8-o-o.com referral spam attack your Google Analytics?

The main objective of this referral spam is quite simple. It seeks to draw users interests and make them click on its URL. However, users should not do that. The website looks suspicious, but it might attract the web-masters’ attention because the parasite claims to reveal a “new lucrative opportunity to monetize your site”. Moreover, the purpose of this phishing web portal is to gather information about the visitors. Always keep in mind that they might share the collected data with untrustworthy third parties, that can use it to deliver junk emails or even mails with infectious attachments. For this kind of reason, users should away from the O-o-8-o-o.com referrer spam and do not click on its web address.

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Instructions To Block O-o-8-o-o.com Referral Spam

You can stop the O-o-8-o-o.com referral spam by just creating an exclude filter in the Google Analytics. Please follow the steps provided below:


Process 1: Terminate O-o-8-o-o.com Referrer Spam By Creating Exclude Filter

  • Open your Google Analytics account. Then after, you will see O-o-8-o-o.com referral spam point to your index homepage.


  • In the Google Analytics Dashboard, click on “Admin”.


  • Select “All Filter” option from the Account from which you want to remove the referral spam reports.


  • Now, click on “Add Filter” button and add O-o-8-o-o.com onto the “Filter Name”.


  • Finally, select “Custom” as a Filter Type and choose “Campaign Source” as Filter Field.


  • At the end, tap on “Save” button in order to save these changes.

Process 2: Stop O-o-8-o-o.com Referral Spam By Using “.htaccess” File

  • Log into the “cPanel” and go to the “Files” section. Here, tap on “File Manager” icon.


  • Now, check the box for “Document Root for” and select the website name that you want to access from the drop-down menu.


  • Warning! Make sure that you check “Show Hidden Files” (dotfiles).

  • After that, click on “Go”.

  • Wait for a new tab or a window and find “.htaccess file”, then right click on it and select “Code Edit” option.


  • Copy and paste the following code which is give below onto the “.htaccess file” and tap on “Save Changes”.

## REFERRAL SPAM O-o-8-o-o.com BLOCK

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} O-o-8-o-o.com [NC,OR]

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} O-o-8-o-o.com

RewriteRule .* – [F]



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