Perfect Tutorial Guide For Casbaneiro Trojan Removal (Remove Malware Virus)

Researchers Report On Casbaneiro Trojan


Casbaneiro Trojan is another name of the malicious software created by Trojan developer. This Trojan has been also identified as a Metamorfo that mainly capable to target the banks and services of cryptocurrency. It has been designed by the group of cyber criminals to target MS Windows PCs including Windows 7, XP, Vista, ME, Server, NT, 8 and the most recent version Windows 10. The team of hackers often used it on users PC as a software to steal user's confidential data and misused it to generate online revenue for them. It is also capable of operating on PC as a RAT to perform several malicious tasks on contaminated PCs. Hackers used it to take the screenshots of users desktop screen, download & execute several executable files, record keystrokes and many more. It's notorious actions are completely harmful for PC, so users must take an action to delete Casbaneiro Trojan immediately.

Delete Casbaneiro Trojan

Threat Summary of Casbaneiro Trojan
Name of Threat Casbaneiro Trojan
Alias Metamorfo
Threat's Type Spyware, Trojan, Malware
Risk Impact
Targeted OS All version of Windows PC
Similar To, ACM.PowerPoint!g25, ACM.Word!g25 etc.
Main Activities Download & install additional malware on targeted machine and launch the login page of MS Outlook application.
Deletion Possible, to get rid of Casbaneiro Trojan successfully, scan your Computer with effective Windows Scanner Tool.
Data Recovery Possible. The data recovery is possible using effective Data Recovery Tool. So, you must try it.

Get Familiar With Transmission Vectors of Casbaneiro Trojan

Being a member of worst Trojan family, Casbaneiro Trojan can be easily acquired from several sources. Every attack campaign of this malware are focused on the specific tactic but mainly interacts with the contaminated file that includes either macro infected document or the software installer. Hackers often take the real or legitimate files from official sources and alter them with virus code. Another delivery payloads of this Trojan are Software Bundling method, torrent files, exploit kits, pirated software, fake software updater, contaminated devices etc. After launching itself on users machine, it do serious of malicious actions. So, the permanent deletion of Casbaneiro Trojan is essential.

Get Familiar With Notorious Capabilities of Casbaneiro Trojan

  • Hijacks users personal and machine information.
  • Extracts personal data and forwarded them to cyber criminals.
  • Configures user's system as well as network setting and manipulate it.
  • Deploys several additional malware on contaminated machine.
  • Disables all installed security measures and many more.

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Manual Casbaneiro Trojan Removal Guide

Step 1: How to Start your PC in Safe Mode with Networking to Get Rid of Casbaneiro Trojan

(For Win 7 | XP | Vista Users)

  • first of all PC is to be rebooted in Safe Mode with Networking
  • Select on Start Button and Click on Shutdown | Restart option and select OK
  • when the PC restarts, keep tapping on F8 until you don’t get Advanced Boot Options.
  • Safe Mode with Networking Option is to be selected from the list.




(For Win 8 | 8.1 | Win 10 Users)

  • Click on Power Button near Windows Login Screen
  • Keep Shift Button on the keyboard pressed and select Restart Option
  • Now Select on Enable Safe Mode with Networking Option



In case Casbaneiro Trojan, is not letting your PC to Start in Safe Mode, then following Step is to followed

Step 2: Remove Casbaneiro Trojan Using System Restore Process

  • PC need to be rebooted to Safe Mode with Command Prompt
  • As soon as Command Prompt Window appear on the screen, select on cd restore and press on Enter option


Type rstrui.exe and Click on Enter again.


Now users need to Click on Next option and Choose restore point that was the last time Windows was working fine prior to Casbaneiro Trojan infection. Once done, Click on Next button.



Select Yes to Restore your System and get rid of Casbaneiro Trojan infection.


However, if the above steps does not work to remove Casbaneiro Trojan, follow the below mentioned steps

Step:3  Unhide All Hidden Files and Folders to Delete Casbaneiro Trojan

How to View Casbaneiro Trojan Hidden Folders on Windows XP

  1. In order to show the hidden files and folders, you need to follow the given instructions:-
  2. Close all the Windows or minimize the opened application to go to desktop.
  3. Open “My Computer” by double-clicking on its icon.
  4. Click on Tools menu and select Folder options.
  5. Click on the View tab from the new Window.
  6. Check the Display contents of the system folders options.
  7. In the Hidden files and folders section, you need to put a check mark on Show hidden files and folders option.
  8. Click on Apply and then OK button. Now, close the Window.
  9. Now, you can see all the Casbaneiro Trojan related hidden files and folders on the system.

win xpView-tab-1

How to Access Casbaneiro Trojan Hidden folders on Windows Vista

  1. Minimize or close all opened tabs and go to Desktop.
  2. Go to the lower left of your screen, you will see Windows logo there, click on Start button.
  3. Go to Control Panel menu and click on it.
  4. After Control Panel got opened, there will two options, either “Classic View” or “Control Panel Home View”.
  5. Do the following when you are in “Classic View”.
  6. Double click on the icon and open Folder Options.
  7. Choose View tab.
  8. Again move to step 5.
  9. Do the following if you are “Control Panel Home View”.
  10. Hit button on Appearance and Personalization link.
  11. Chose Show Hidden Files or Folders.
  12. Under the Hidden File or Folder section, click on the button which is right next to the Show Hidden Files or Folders.
  13. Click on Apply button and then hit OK. Now, close the window.
  14. Now, to show you all hidden files or folders created by Casbaneiro Trojan, you have successfully considered Windows Vista.




How to Unhide Casbaneiro Trojan Created Folders on Windows 7

1. Go to the desktop and tap on the small rectangle which is located in the lower-right part of the system screen.

2. Now, just open the “Start” menu by clicking on the Windows start button which is located in the lower-left side of the PC screen that carries the windows logo.

3. Then after, look for the “Control Panel” menu option in the right-most row and open it.

4. When the Control Panel menu opens, then look for the “Folder Options” link.

5. Tap over the “View tab”.

6. Under the “Advanced Settings” category, double click on the “Hidden Files or Folders” associated with Casbaneiro Trojan.

7. Next, just select the check-box in order to Show hidden files, folders, or drives.

8. After this, click on “Apply” >> “OK” and then close the menu.

9. Now, the Windows 7 should be configured to show you all hidden files, folders or drives.


Steps to Unhide Casbaneiro Trojan related Files and Folders on Windows 8

  1. First of all, power on your Windows PC and click on start logo button that is found in left side of the system screen.
  2. Now, move to program lists and select control panel app.
  3. When Control panel is open completely, click on more settings option.
  4. After, you will see a Control panel Window and then you choose “Appearance and Personalization” tab.
  5. In Advance settings dialogue box, you need to tick mark on Show hidden files and folders and clear the check box for Hide protected system files.
  6. Click on Apply and Ok button. This apply option helps you to detect and eradicate all types of Casbaneiro Trojan related suspicious files.
  7. Finally, navigate your mouse cursor on close option to exit this panel.

win 8 unhide folders


How to View Casbaneiro Trojan associated folders on Windows 10

1. Open the folder if you wish to unhide files.

2. Search and Click on View in Menu bar

3. In Menu click on to view folder options.

4. Again click on View and Enable Radio Button associated with Show hidden files created by Casbaneiro Trojan, folder and drive.

5. Press apply and OK.

win 10 Options

Step 4: Press Start Key along with R- copy + paste the below stated command and Click on OK

notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts

  • This will open up a new file, in case if your system has been hacked, some IP’s will be shown at the bottom of the screen


Click on the Start Menu, Input “Control Panel” in the search box —> Select. Network and Internet —> Network and Sharing Center —> Next Change Adapter Settings. Right-click your Internet connection —> Select on Properties.

  • In case if you find Suspicious IP in the local host –or if you are finding it difficult and have any problem then submit question to us and we will be happy to help you.



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