Possible Steps For Deleting .SkidPatrol File Extension Ransomware from Windows 10

Warning, many anti-virus scanner have detected .SkidPatrol File Extension Ransomware as threat to your computer
.SkidPatrol File Extension Ransomware is flagged by these Anti Virus Scanner
Anti Virus Software Version Detection
Webroot 2018.0.5805 Generic
ClamAV 8.3.633419 Trj.Win32..SkidPatrol File Extension Ransomware.CB
AutoShun 3.809311 Variant of Win64/Trojan..SkidPatrol File Extension Ransomware.A
Zerofox 4.3.414 Killmbr.exe, IamBigBrother
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.SkidPatrol File Extension Ransomware may have entered your pc through these software. If you have not installed them , then get rid of them OMMs 3.0 , Climb! 2.9.3 , Script Debugger Selection to Clippings 1.0.1 , POP3it Pro 4.1.14 , VCH 1.1 , PolarView 1.9 , Venture 1.1 , Streamtime 10.0v3 , Xfoil 1.1 , Budget Dance 1.1beta , iParent 1.0.4 , Noiz2sa 0.51.5 , Planner Plus 2.1 , CHM to PDF 1.6 , LDAPManager 2.6 , Pop Rock 1.0 , Dictionary Editor 1.3 , At the Beach Icons


.SkidPatrol File Extension Ransomware

An Introduction To .SkidPatrol File Extension Ransomware

.SkidPatrol File Extension Ransomware is known as a new variant of its Ransomware family which is a file encrypting Trojan. It has infected several PCs till now. It encrypts your files and locks your system so that you can’t work on it. Your PC will get compromised and you will become victim due to this ransomware. It silently sneak into your system without your permission. It has various methods to enter in the system like spoofed email, social media, unpatched software, visiting low quality websites, clicking on unknown links and so on.

How Does .SkidPatrol File Extension Ransomware Encrypt Your Files

.SkidPatrol File Extension Ransomware encrypts files by using file extension. The extension is used to lock your files. It changes your file by adding this extension at the end of the file name as a suffix. The files which get encrypted are documents, power-point, spreadsheet, archives etc. It uses the strong ciphers to encrypt your files. The file format which get changed by the .SkidPatrol File Extension Ransomware are jpg, ppt, jpeg, pptx, doc, docx, xls, etc.

Why Is .SkidPatrol File Extension Ransomware So Dangerous

.SkidPatrol File Extension Ransomware drop the ransom note when you try to open your locked files. In this ransom note, the hackers warn you to pay the amount to decrypt your files. It is also mentioned in the note that how will you pay the amount. The hackers actually provide the email ID to contact them for paying the money. They demand the ransom amount in the Bitcoin currency. .SkidPatrol File Extension Ransomware gives you a deadline to pay the amount. It is very clear here that if you will pay the amount to get the decryption key, you will be cheated by them. It is better that you should not pay the ransom amount to them. Take the step to restore your data by the data recovery software. You are not going to get any decryption key to unlock your files. So, you are advised here to follow the guideline to remove .SkidPatrol File Extension Ransomware completely from your PC.

How To Remove .SkidPatrol File Extension Ransomware Virus Manually

Step 1 : Restart your computer in safe with networking

  • Restart your computer and keep pressing F8 key continuously.


  • You will find the Advance Boot Option on your computer screen.

Safe mode

  • Select Safe Mode With Networking Option by using arrow keys.

Safe mode

  • Login your computer with Administrator account.

Step 2 : Step all .SkidPatrol File Extension Ransomware related process

  • Press the Windows+R buttons together to open Run Box.


  • Type “taskmgr” and Click OK or Hit Enter button.

Type taskmgr in run box

  • Now go to the Process tab and find out .SkidPatrol File Extension Ransomware related process.

End process

  • Click on End Process button to stop that running process.

Step 3 : Restore Your Windows PC To Factory Settings

System Restore Windows XP

  • Log on to Windows as Administrator.
  • Click Start > All Programs > Accessories.


  • Find System Tools and click System Restore.


  • Select Restore my computer to an earlier time and click Next.


  • Choose a restore point when system was not infected and click Next.

System Restore Windows 7/Vista

  • Go to Start menu and find Restore in the Search box.

system restore

  • Now select the System Restore option from search results.
  • From the System Restore window, click the Next button.


  • Now select a restore points when your PC was not infected.


  • Click Next and follow the instructions.

System Restore Windows 8

  • Go to the search box and type Control Panel.


  • Select Control Panel and open Recovery Option.


  • Now Select Open System Restore option.


  • Find out any recent restore point when your PC was not infected.


  • Click Next and follow the instructions.

System Restore Windows 10

  • Right click the Start menu and select Control Panel.


  • Open Control Panel and Find out the Recovery option.


  • Select Recovery > Open System Restore > Next.


  • Choose a restore point before infection Next > Finish.


Hope these manual steps help you successfully remove the .SkidPatrol File Extension Ransomware infection from your computer. If you have performed all the above manual steps and still can’t access your files or cannot remove this nasty ransomware infection from your computer then you should choose a powerful malware removal tool. You can easily remove this harmful virus from your computer by using third party tool. It is the best and the most easy way to get rid of this infection.


If you have any further question regarding this threat or its removal then you can directly ask your question from our experts. A panel of highly experienced and qualified tech support experts are waiting to help you.

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