Spambot Server “Opens & Accessible” Leaks Over 711 Million Records


These days, one of a cyber news went viral rapidly that Onliner, a spambot has gathered a huge amount of data including 711 million email Ids and some passwords, not at all. First of all, Onliner spambot has been discovered by the Paris based security analysts who blogs on August 30th, 2017 under “Benkow” pseudonym. Spambot Onliner has discovered an accessible and open web server that hosted in Netherlands which keeps dozens of the text files containing numerous batch of email servers used to distribute spam, email addresses and passwords. Many of email addresses and the related passwords have been removed from the data lumps which is linked with the past major sites breaches including Linkedln.

Team of security experts are strictly warned System user that the huge amount of SMTO email server crucial details uncovered by the Online maker which makes it very easier for the spammers to send the infected messages through which they can easily bypass the standard filters of email. The security experts highly recommended that user should change their passwords whose email Ids appeared in the directory of spambot. Users must ensure that they do not use same passwords and they must enable the two factor authentication for the greater security.

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According to the benkow blog, spambot has been used “Ursnif” since at least 2016 to spread the banking Trojan. After inspecting that the breached email user’s data containing valid “SMTP” credentials, spambot randomly messages or mails to those accounts with a messages and a hidden picture. When user opened such a messages their crucial details is leaked back to the spammers. Then spambot can use those th “fingerprinted” email servers to blast out large number of email accounts to detect the targets for attack of “Ursnif”.

On reviewing the data of Onliner, Hunt said that he has made 711 million email records detected on that spambot directory is searchable through his HIBP site. Hunt recommended that user have to find their email ID using this site and after detected they should change password immediately. At the time of creating password, be must assure to create unique and strong phase for enhancing the security level Several malware researchers names Graham Cluely, Henry Casey and other urges victim to change their password to keep their valuable data safe and protected. Password must be unique and strong so that no one can assume your password and open your email to gather or reveal your sensitive information.


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