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PST SplitterPST (Personal Storage Table) is a single file format that is generated by outlook to store all outlook data files. Ms outlook is one of the best mail management application of Microsoft Inc which is used by millions of Internet user the world apart from sending and receiving email you can perform various another task on outlook. it also allow to store its different items like schedule, notes, task, contacts, calender, appointment and journal at one place. The file pst originally known as personal storage tables to differentiate them from the online storage tables introduced by the first version of Microsoft Exchange Server, launched in 1996. PSTs are also commonly referred to as personal storage files or personal folders. Pst file is completely differ from OST (offline storage tables) because they are standalone files and do not synchronize. The OST files works by caching a local slave copy of the online folder. PSTs were necessitated by the slow networks of the time and the relatively small size of online storage assigned to each user. Once your PST gets oversized you need to Split it with Split pst File software, so that the data is not inaccessible or corrupted. We will discuss further, how to go for best Split PST file software.

Key Features Of PST


  • File format is supported by several Microsoft client applications.
  • The file is an open format for which Microsoft provides free specifications.
  • This format has a maximum size of 2 GB.
  • Password protection can be used to protect the content of the .pst files.

What is Oversized PST?


Oversized PST fileMicrosoft Outlook is the best personal Information Manager. It’s all versions of Microsoft Outlook include Outlook 97 98 2000 XP 2002 2003 2007 by default has a single file named PST which stores calendar, incoming or outgoing  e-mails, tasks and other objects. Due to rapid increase of business and  personal communication as the time grows, PST gets enough objects in it. It gets stuffed with newer and newer data, unless you manage all the data of PST file. The size for pst file is already defined i.e. 2GB. A file exceeding this size is likely to give an error messages, such as “.pst has reached maximum size limit” and could become corrupted. By deleting unwanted objects from PST file you can decrease the size of PST file. But even after doing so you cannot hide yourself from the problem created by over sized PST file. And in that case to avoid your PST file corruption you will need Split PST file software to efficiently split your large pst files and saves your important data.

Several Issues Occurred Due to Large Size Pst File


  • Problem with opening or accessing files.
  • Problem with sending or receiving emails.
  • Problem in adding data in file.
  • Synchronization issue with Outlook.

These above reasons are very common and due to this sometime PST file get exceed and it become inaccessible in such situation all you need to split your PST file but problem is that most of outlook user don’t known “How To Split PST File”. But now you can easily do this task by two methods. These Methods are define you about how you can split pst file easily and effectively.

It’s not always easy to fine the best Split pst file software, so we are coming up with the best pst file splitter for you. Lets have a look at the top pst split options in the market.


PST Split software Name Outlook Version Support Download Trial Check Price
Stellar Phoenix Split PST File Software

(Editor’s Choice)

MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 & 2000 Download Now Check Price
DataNumen PST Splitter

(Editor’s Choice)

32bit and 64bit Outlook 97 to 2016 Download Now Check Price
Systools PST Split MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, 98 and 97 Download Now Check Price
Remo Repair Split PST software Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016 Download Now Check Price


These are the best PST Splitter software which has been researched and selected by our technicians. This will help you in splitting your large PST files into manageable smaller PST files. Now you don’t have to research here and there to get the best pst splitting software.


Secure Ways To Split PST File Successfully


Split PSt fileApparently you are on the right post if looking for split pst file solution. Microsoft Outlook is widely used email client that stores all of its data in Outlook Personal (PST) folder which is important component of Outlook application. PST files are very delicate and are easily prone to errors due to its excessive use and Oversizes. However, there are two method we are going to explain briefly.

1: Automatic Method

2: Manual Method

Automatic Method


Getting Error like “.pst has reached maximum size limit” generally occurred once your Pst files size exceed from the actual limit. The problem is really serious because you may lose your important data if you are unable to find the right solution. Manual methods to split pst file are also legitimate but there are also some limitation which makes it worst. However, there are many third-party software to split pst file which are large but selecting the perfect one is quite difficult. Organization or a users may not compromise with their data anyhow. So here we are discussing some of  the split pst file software’s which is designed and developed for Large PST File Split. Let’s see them one by one.

#1 – About Stellar PST Splitter


Stellar PST Splitter / Split PST File software is a very powerful and robust application that helps you split large past files into smaller files as per the criteria specified by you. The application is a useful utility to avoid PST corruption by splitting large PST files into smaller ones. The software is absolutely read-only and does not make any changes in the original PST file. Some of the major features of this PST splitter are as bellow.



Key Features


  • Splits PST files on the basis of Date, Size, Mail ID, Folders.
  • Saves all your preferences to split files in a batch file.
  • Allows to split single or multiple PST files in one operation.
  • All activities of application are recorded in a log.
  • You can create your own batch file to automate splitting of multiple files.
  • Supports MS Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013.
  • Application doesn’t make any changes in the original PST.

User Guide For Stellar Split PST File Software

Step 1: Download and launch PST file software and click “Select Multiple file ” options.

split pst file

Step 2: Now, Select the split criteria >’Split by Time’ or ‘Split by Size’.

split pst files

Step 3: If you want to split by time than you will find below screen.

stellar pst splitter software

Step 4: If the PST files are saved at different locations, than you need to enter the PST file path, destination path, start date, end date, and after that click on ‘Add PST File’ button.

pst splitter tool

Step 5: But if the PST is saved in a particular folder than, enter the PST file path, size, and then click on ‘Add PST File’ button.

solve oversized pst problem

Step 6: if you select ‘Split By Size’ option, then you will encounter below mentioned screen.

oversized pst problem

Step 7: To select the desired Pat file above mentioned steps should be repeated.

split pst

pst splitter

This is the complete user guide for stellar split pst file software which will make your work easy for splitting large PST Files.

#2 – About DataNumen Split PST File Software 


Datanumen FIle SplitterDataNumen Split PST file Software is a specified program for managing large file, splitting and merging them back based on requirement. It has powerful algorithm to ensure seamless PST  splitting and merging of files and provides tools to compare files for duplicity, generate files hashes and calculate check sums to identify unique files. The interface designed by expert is really simple and includes straightforward home buttons such as split, merger, compare, checksum etc to guide you through the processes based on need. Over all you can say split pst file software by DataNumen is one of the best pst splitter software.

Key Features


  • Support to compare two files.
  • Split a large file into small files.
  • Calculate the MD5 check sum of a file.
  • Support for all 32 bit or 64 bit Windows.
  • Join several small files into one large file.

User Guide For DataNumen Split PST File Software


Step 1: Launch DataNumen Outlook Repair Software.

pst splitter

Note: Before splitting the large PST file with DataNumen Outlook Repair, please close Microsoft Outlook and any other applications that may modify the PST file.

Step 2: Click the tab called option.

split pst file

Step 3: Set the limited size you want the small splitted fileto be. Also take care of the unit whihc is MB.split pst

Step 4: Go back to the repair tab, choose the PST file which you want to split and choose which format your pst file is.

pst split files

Step 5: Name new PST file and choose these file format.

pst splitter

Step 6: Please make sure that your computer has installed the right version of MS Outlook and then click on Start Repair option.

split pst file

Step 7: You will get the following window when the work is done. New PST file you can open one by one.

split pst file

#3 – About SysTools Split PST

oversized pst splitterThe application SysTools Split PST is used to split large PST file into smaller fragments. This tool keeps meta properties and formatting of each and every item intact. The tool provides four splitting option as Split PST by date, Split PST by year, Split PST by size and Split PST by folder. With the help of this split pst file software, splitting can be performed on newly created PST Files as well as Archive PST files. It is capable of splitting all the PST data items like Contacts, Calenders, Email, Tasks etc. This software can split both Unicode and ANSI PST file. There is no file size limitation for breaking Outlook PST files in this tool.


Key Features


  • Split unlimited Outlook PST into smaller PST.
  • Split Outlook PST File – Date, Year, Folder and Size.
  • Need MS Outlook installation for splitting huge PST files.
  • Split large PST file into any number of smaller sections.
  • Split both UNICODE & ANSI PST with no File Size Limitation.
  • Single panel utility, No need to navigate it on other screen.
  • Corrupted Outlook PST files should be recovered before splitting.
  • Split PST File all Data Items including Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks etc.

User Guide For SysTools Split PST File Tool

Step 1: Go to the start menu click on All Programs » SysTools Split PST.

split pst

Step 2: Once the software is launched, Click on the “Split” button as shown below:

oversize pst splitter

Step 3: On the next menu select the version of the PST and Select the filter according the PST file is to be split.  Split by Size, Split by Date, Split by Year, Split by Folder.

split pst file

Step 4: This guide will help you to split pst file which are larger in size to smaller one.

#4 – About Remo Repair Outlook PST


remo pst splitterRemo Repair Outlook PST software helps you to repair, corrupted or large no of PST file effectively. The tool scans you outlook data file and recovers emails, contancts, calender items, notes, tasks and other Outlook attributes securely. Whether your outlook is not responding, PST file not opening, show an error message like “.pst has reached maximum size limit” while accessing Outlook items or deleted Outlook items from deleted items folder. The software easily fixes all Outlook problems. It also helps in split pst file.

Key Features of Remo Split PST File software 

  • Works with all versions of Windows OS including Windows 10.
  • Fixes even the Oversize PST file.
  • Repair PST file created on Microsoft Outlook.
  • Provide preview of all restored Outlook items in Outlook Style Browser.
  • Easily repair password protected or compressed PST file.

These are the best Split PST file software’s from which you can choose any as per your budget and requirement. These Split Pst file software’s are easy to use and perform the task easily.

2.  Manual Method


PST file may get corrupted if its size limit is oversized and thus, you will lose all your important data items. So to deal with this situation you can split a large PST file into small PST files by some features of Microsoft Outlook as Import and Export, Archive and Move to Folder. “Move to Folder” doesn’t perform PST split function but it helps to move files from one PST folder to another by creating a new PST. Here we will discuss the manual method to Split PST File.

1: Archive
2: Import and Export
3: Move to Folder

1: Archive

Move data items of PST file using the ‘Archive’ feature in Outlook

Step 1: Launch MS Outlook email client. and select the PST file from which the data items of the file are to be moved to a new PST file.

Step 2: Click on File > Info and then click on the Cleanup.

Step 3: A list will come up from which select Archive.

Step 4: The Archive dialog box ‘Archive this folder and all subfolders’ box is checked by default. If it is not checked, check the box.

Step 5: In the Archive dialog box, ‘Archive items older than’ option is present. Here, select a date from the Calendar.

Step 6: With the Browse option, select a location and give any name to the newly created PST file. By default, the PST file is saved as pst.

Step 7: The selected location with the defined file name is present in the edit box. Click on the OK tab to start the actual splitting process.

2: Import and Export


Move PST file items by using ‘Import & Export’ feature of Outlook

Step 1: Launch the installed and configured MS Outlook

Step 2: Click File > More Items > Outlook Data File and then click on the File (Create a new Outlook PST data file).

Step 3: Open Outlook Data File window appears. Browse a location and name the new Outlook data file. Click on the OK. A new file is created and listed on Outlook.

Step 4: Click File > Open.

Step 5: The Import and Export Wizard, select ‘Export to a file’ from the list and click on the Next tab.

Step 6: In Export to a File dialog box, select Outlook Data File (.pst) and click on the Next.

Step 7: From Export Outlook Data File dialog box, select the folder from which data has to be exported. Expand the folder, select the item and click on the Next.

Step 8: Click on the Browse tab to choose the file in which users wish to export.

Step 9: The Open Outlook Files window opens. Select the file into which users wish to export and click on the OK.

Step 10: The selected file can be seen in the edit box. Click on the Finish tab to start the process of splitting.

3: Move To Folder


Move PST file items by using Outlook’s Move to Folders’ feature

Step 1: Open Microsoft Outlook on the system.
Step 2: By the help of Home tab, click New Items. Next point to Move Items>Outlook Data File.
Step 3: The Create or Open Outlook Data File window appears. Name for the new file and click OK.
Step 4: The new Outlook data file is listed. Expand the Outlook data file from which the mailbox items have to be copied. Select any particular mailbox folder at a time.
Step 5: Click on the Move tab and then on the Copy to Folder option.
Step 6: The Copy Item dialog box appears.
Step 7: Select the new Outlook file into which the mail box folder is to be copied. Finally click on the OK button.

Note: All the above three methods for split pst file are completely manual. As experts following manual process is time consuming and needs technical knowledge. There are also some important points like archived files become inaccessible through Outlook Web App, the manual process for Split PST File management which is not beneficial for all user, difficult to manage the archived files as they scattered and many others. So for optimal solution and perform it in a better way it is necessary you may use third-party software that is designed to overcome your problem without damaging original PST file & will help you in easily performing split pst file.

Which Split Pst File Software To Be Choose?


As we know, the size of PST comes with a limit of 2 GB in earlier Outlook version and 20 GB in its prior version. But with its regular use the file size come across its limit and Outlook application start behaving sluggishly. It pop ups error messages “.pst has reached maximum size limit” and terminates the entire process. The increase in size limit also restrict users to send or receive any emails. In such critical condition opting a reliable software is very important. Here in the above discussion, you saw various PST file splitter software. Each has own features and limitations. But an organization or a single user take a risk of their valuable data while choosing any software. Let’s see what experts says and suggest to regarding best Split Pst File Software.

Expert Reviews For Split PST Software


split pst fileStellar PST Splitter / Split PST file Software is one and only powerful and trusted application that helps you split large PST files into smaller files as per the criteria specified by you. The application supports batch processing by allowing you to split multiple large Outlook PST files all at once. This proves to be more economical when you need to save time managing multiple large PSTs. With this software, multiple PST files can be split based on two criterions, i.e. Time and Size. Splitting based on ‘Time’ criterion allows you to extract emails that correspond to a particular time interval. Every time a split operation is performed, a new PST file is created without altering the contents and structure of original PST file. Thus Stellar split pst file software never causes any damage to your invaluable original PST file.

Expert also found that Stellar is a comprehensive software application that heps users or an organization to split pst file, provide various features to make them help into leads.

pst splitter download

For any kind of queries of confusion about Split pst file software contact us.

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