Uninstall Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!C In Simple Clicks

Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!C is a Trojan
Trojan Dropped by Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!C are VirTool:Win32/VBInject.gen!DG, Trojan-PSW.Lineage!rem, Elman, Rator.A, King Solaris, NGRBot, Trojan.Maljava.B, Trojan.Alureon.D, Tabi Trojan, Obfuscator.HG, Virus.Vbinder
Related spyware RaptorDefence, TorrentSoftware, Spyware.BroadcastDSSAGENT, SpyAOL, Pvnsmfor Toolbar, ProtejasuDrive, Trojan.Win32.CP4000, Modem Spy, W32.Randex.gen, Surfing Spy, FunWebProducts
Windows Error caused by Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!C are – 0xf0822 CBS_E_ILLEGAL_COMPONENT_UPDATE Component update without specifying in package manifest., 0x000000C1, 0x00000098, 0x80244031 WU_E_PT_ECP_INVALID_FILE_FORMAT The format of a metadata file was invalid., 0x000000E1, 0x000000E3, 0x80244001 WU_E_PT_SOAPCLIENT_INITIALIZE Same as SOAPCLIENT_INITIALIZE_ERROR – initialization of the SOAP client failed, possibly because of an MSXML installation failure., 0x00000007, 0x00000022, 0x8024002C WU_E_BIN_SOURCE_ABSENT A delta-compressed update could not be installed because it required the source.
Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!C infects these windows .dll files nlmsprep.dll, xwizards.dll, ipxwan.dll, Microsoft.VisualBasic.ni.dll, twreck.dll, agt040d.dll, azroles.dll, dhcpcsvc.dll, NlsLexicons0002.dll, wmssetup.dll, hpc5500t.dll

Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!C may have entered your pc through these software. If you have not installed them , then get rid of them Psykinematix , Radia 1.2.2 , DragStrip 4.0.1 , DaWo-Chinese Vocabulary for College Students 1.1 , Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 1.0.2 , GhostRunner 1.0 , Rapala Pro Bass Fishing 1.0.0 , Docktopus 1.0.4 , Fat Pipe Downloader 0.3 , Laughing Man Saver 2.2.1 , QuickCursor 2.7 , PathToolkit 1.3 , Note-it Express 1.0 , WheresTheFreeSpace 2.0 , Safari Image Dimensions 1.0.1 , URL Extractor (68K) 1.0.1 , XContact 2.2.1



Eradicate Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!C Virus Infection Completely

Got Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!C on your PC? Unable to delete the virus from your computer? Is your PC very slow after its arrival? Looking for easy method to delete the virus infection? Read the article and follow the steps mentioned below here to permanently get rid of the malware.

Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!C is a heuristic computer virus infection. It is such brutal computer infection that gets into your computer system without asking your permission. This type of threats is able to infect all the versions even latest version of the Windows operating system. The presence of this nasty virus is the reason behind all the unusual things and severe issues on your system. On arriving successfully on the targeted PC, its first job is to replicate its files and hides them under system files. As a result, it is bit cumbersome to detect the actual location of its main file and them to remove its permanently from PC. Trojan virus keeps changing its location time to time. Being hideous in nature, even the security programs like firewall and Windows Defender are not able to detect its presence easily. Even if anti-virus program alerts you about its existence, it will not be to remove them properly.

This is so because Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!C on entering your PC at first disables all the security applications installed on the system. And so it fails to remove the malware efficiently. A trojan virus creates too much of damage and annoyances inside the targeted system. The only motive of the trojan virus is to perform various malicious activities once it arrive son the targeted PC. The virus infection deeply roots inside and makes several unwanted changes. It makes changes in the DNS settings, configuration settings and registry entry. It then creates loopholes and irrelevant path for cyber spooks to invasde the system silently.

The advance technique is used by Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!C in order to eat up huge system resources such as CPU and occupy all the memory space which makes system processes very slow. Execution of lots of malicious processes and tasks slow down the running speed of the compromised PC. The creepy threat may sometimes generate fake warning messages and alerts. It is able responsible for installing various malevolent codes into the computer. So you must remove Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!C using an effective removal guide or a removal tool.

Steps to Delete Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!C

Step: 1 Restart your Windows PC in Safe Mode

Find the complete details on how to Reboot your PC in Safe Mode (if you are a novice, follow the above given instructions on how to boot up your PC in Safe mode irrespective of the Windows Version that is being used as Windows XP, 7, Win 8, 8.1 and Windows 10)


Step:2 Remove Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!C from Task Manager

Press CTRL+ALT+DEL simulataneously to open Task manager. Find Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!C Related processes or any other suspicious processes that are running on it. Now Select and delete Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!C virus from Task Manager at once.

Task Manager

Step:3 How to Delete Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!C Related Startup Items

Press Win + R together and Type “msconfig”.

Windows R

Now press Enter Key or Select OK.


Startup” option is to be selected on the Pop-up Window Tab



Now Search for Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!C Related applications on Startup Items


Now Uncheck all Unknown or Suspicious items from “System Configuration” related to Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!C


Now Click and Select Restart to Start your Computer in Normal Mode




Step: 4 How to Delete Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!C from Windows Registry

  1. Press Win + R in combination to Open Run Box, Type regedit on the search box and press enter.
  2. This will Open the registry entries.
  3. Find Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!C related entries from the list and carefully delete it. However be careful and do not delete any other entries as this could severely damage the Windows Component.


Also, after completing the above steps, it is important to search for any folders and files that has been created by Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!C and if found must be deleted.

Step 5 How to View Hidden Files and Folders Created by Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!C

  1. Click on the Start Menu
  2. Go to Control Panel, and Search for folder Options
  3. Click on view hidden files and folders Options, For your convenience, we have included complete process on how to unhide files on all Windows Version. This will delete all the files and folders associated with Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!C that was existing on your compromised system.

Still, if you are unable to get rid of Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!C using manual steps, you need to scan your PC to detect Backdoor.Qakbot.gen!C.


Don’t forget to submit your questions or any other queries if you have and get complete solution from our Expert’s Panel. Good Luck!


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