WannaSpam – WannaCry-themed scam used to collect ransoms


This news is all about the latest campaigns of WannaCry Ransomware named WannaSpam that has infected wide range of Windows machine in just short period of time. If you are a regular System users and want to avoid your PC against WannaCry Ransomware and its version then reading this post will be very beneficial for you.


WannaSpam – Latest Campaigns of WannaCry Ransomware

Being a System user, we all are familiar with the WannaCry Ransomware attack that compromised more than hundred Systems through malicious spam email campaigns. Recently, team of security experts have notice an untypical spam campaigns known as WannaSpam. Almost hundreds of System users have already received WannaSpam email message which is reporting about WannaCry Ransomware attack and asks victims to pay ransom demanded fee. However, the claims of WannaSpam are fake.

WannaSpam is just a typical scam that seems as a legitimate but in reality it is not legitimate at all. It is mainly appear as a legitimate one to trick innocent user into paying ransom demanded fee. In the ransom message, hackers also asks victims to pay 0.1 BTC to pay ransom demanded fee The primary motive of such a fake message is to extort money from the affected users. Therefore, System users must delete WannaSpam or any spam email immediately without any delay.

WannaCry Ransomware often uses MS17-010 Windows vulnerability and several other distribution channels but mainly spread via spam emails with malicious links. WannaSpam is one of the latest tactics used by the developers of WannaCry Ransomware to compromise PC. The channels of WannaCry Ransomware may always varies time-to-time but mainly distributed via Internet. Therefore, users must be attentive while doing any online work.

Descriptive Note of WannaCry Ransomware In Short

WannaCry Ransomware


The attack of WannaCry Ransomware was a cyber attack outbreak on 12 May 2017 that targeted almost all version of Windows System. It locks users almost all stored data such as audio or video clips, images, databases, documents, PDFs and many more using strong encryption algorithm and after that it asks victims to pay ransom fee in Bitcoin cryptocurrency. First of all WannaCry Ransomware is propagated through the EternalBlue, an exploit kit. But after that its developers uses several channels to infect Windows machine. Its developers also launches several variants to WannaCry Ransomware to compromise more and more Windows PC such as :

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Safeguard Tips To Avoid WannaSpam Channel

  1. Update your Operating System regularly.
  2. Always keep your Windows Defender setting enables.
  3. Avoid yourself from installing any pirated or fake software.
  4. Create a backup of your data on daily basis.
  5. Install an excellent and trusted anti-virus software etc.

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