What Is A keylogger And How To Remove It?

About Keylogger


Keylogger is mainly a common and potentially unwanted application (PUA), which is a type of harmful malware that causes serious harm to the PC, is usually noticed as an unwanted program or application on your system. Further, as we know and familiar about the facts that potentially unwanted applications monitor all user behavior to unleash targeted system and denigrate computer performance and impede the user experience. As it is not at all possible to compared Keyloggers with regular computer viruses. It does not spread themselves as these threats do and, in most of the cases, it may get installed as any other software. However, the latest examples of ransomware have also been found having keylogger capabilities. Unfortunately, this can reveal the fact that viruses will become even more sophisticated in the year 2019.

Keylogger is also known by these other aliases:

  • Monitor.Win32.KeyLogger.heur
  • Spyware.StealthKeylog

A keylogger is a malevolent program which has the capability to track a user’s keyboard and mouse inputs in order to log usernames, passwords, and other critical and sensitive information from the system. Aside from all these, keyloggers not only capture keystrokes but also capture mouse clicks, files, and folders that are accessed, visited websites, and much more. A keylogger is very dangerous and harmful for the users because it can steal the user’s bank account number, PIN, social security number and other financial information too. Although Keyloggers are not especially very difficult to remove it out from the infected system it can be difficult to detect and find it out as keyloggers. It can be launched and controlled from a remote computer and run in the background of the user’s PC.

Infiltration Technique For Keylogger Within PC

Basically, Keylogger is bundled with seemingly innocuous freeware/shareware downloads. It infiltrates within your computer in any number of ways, including:

  • It infiltrates through external media drives such as pen drive, memory card, DVD and already infected devices with Keylogger.
  • By free downloads of applications and software provided by malicious websites.
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing programs.
  • Bundled in the install process of other software that you install within your PC.
  • Through the opening of Spam email attachments which comes from unknown sources.
  • Torrent or bulk upload sites providing free downloads of applications.

Symptoms For Keylogger Infection

Some basic symptoms of Keylogger infections are as:

  • On System screen displays unwanted advertisement that is particularly pop-up which starts appearing during internet activity.
  • The browser gets redirected without any user action.
  • Keylogger offers and adverts for strange or unusual websites start appearing on the browser.
  • An increase in spam email messages is seen.
  • Browser settings, primarily the home page setting change and other settings that it affects include your browser startup, tabs, search, content, downloads and privacy and new search toolbars in appearing in your browser.

Guide For Removal Of Keylogger From Infected PC

One of the best ways to remove keyloggers from the infected PC is by use of a reputed software that works in many ways to get rid of this hidden virus. Though, it’s quite easy to run software to remove the keylogger from PC. In order to make the most out of the software, it is quite imperative to run it at least once in a week for the safety of the PC. It’s very important to keep in mind that a trojan, like a keylogger, at bay and to protect your data and necessary information from hackers of Keylogger. On the other end, prior downloading for any removal software makes sure that you are doing shopping from a reputed and authorized site else if not so then you have to suffer a lot. Else others can refill it with unwanted viruses, spyware, threats, keylogger and much more instead of cleaning it.


Removal Of Keylogger From Safe Mode

  • At first restart your Computer.
  • Tap on F8 continuously at PC booting time.

  • After then select the option to enter into Safe Mode with Networking.
  • Remove all malicious programs of Keylogger from it.

Removal Of Keylogger From Control Panel

  • At first press start, and then go to the Control Panel menu option.

  • Find Uninstall a program option.
  • Select the Program and seek for any suspicious recently-installed on your computer applications which you want to remove or uninstall it from PC.

  • Uninstall all those programs.

Removal Of Keylogger From Task Manager

  • Press SHIFT + ALT + DELETE keys altogether on the keyboard.

  • Open Task Manager from the listed options.
  • Click on Processes at the top of the dialog box.
  • Now search for Keylogger process.

  • After finding it, delete all Keylogger process completely from the computer.

Removal Of Keylogger From Registry Editor

  • Type Regedit in the Windows Search Field and then press on enter to open the registry editor.

  • Now press CTRL + F together and type Keylogger to find the entries.
  • Once it has been finding out, delete all Keylogger named entries.

  • If unable to find it out, then you need to look up for it on the directories manually.

Removal Of Keylogger From Web Browsers

  • Open the web browser and then click on the Settings icon.
  • Click the browser options menu item.

  • Now click on to the Advanced tab.
  • Click the Reset button.
  • Reset browser settings window that appears, optionally select the Delete personal settings check box and then click the Reset button.

  • Once the browser completes the resetting tasks, click the Close button and restart or refresh the browser.

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