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About Evan Stathem

evan sthatamEvan is Computer Engineer and PC security expert. He works as a Cyber Security Head in a reputed MNC. He has vast knowledge about malware intrusion and their removal. He research on newly released malware and their removal. Apart from his busy schedule, he writes guide for the removal of nasty PC threats and malware on removemalwarevirus.com. Other than researching on malware and viruses, In his leisure time, he can be found writing new guides to remove harmful threats from computer. Truly he is a technology freak, enthusiast, researcher and computer geek.

About Doyal Sean

JeansSeanMichaelHi, this is Doyal Sean and I am working as Senior Technician in a Firm. I have some innovative ideas for keeping the Windows PC safe and secure against all odds. you will find all the suggestions for how to keep your PC well protected against latest malware threats. you can get to know all the steps to get rid of malware. the posts are written in most lucid manner that enables even the newbie to perform these steps in hassle free manner. removemalwarevirus site gets updated regularly so don’t forget to visit and check for latest posts that focuses on PC’s safety and security.

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