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Ahmad asked 7 years ago

Our server has been infected with a ransomware with the extension file .krya.
The ransom amount requested was 1 bitcoin. I’ve been trying to find out what caused the ransomware installed in our server but no luck at all. Most of the decrypter found on the internet were unable to decrypt the files.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

1 Answers
admin Staff answered 7 years ago

Dear User
If your files have been appended with .kyra as extension then it can be concluded that your system has been compromised by Globe Ransomware. Recently, our researchers have found that a new variant of Globe Ransomware is targeting Windows PC, renaming the files with .kyra extension. It mostly targets the stored data such as images, videos and stored database of the compromised PC and thereafter demands a ransom amount of 1.0 Bitcoin. As far as paying of the ransom is concerned, it would not be wise thing to do at this juncture. First of all you need to sanitize your PC by removing this malicious ransom virus from your PC. unless and until not removed completely, there are chances that it will again strike back.
you are suggested to follow the removal instructions in step wise manner for assistance:

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