Eliminate Safe Finder virus From Chrome, Firefox, IE



Safe Finder virus is a browser hijacker that will change the homepage and search engine of your web browser to https://search.safefindervirus.com/search?q=, which will redirect to search result pages from https://search.yahoo.com. This is caused by a browser hijacker which is installed by the users. It is created for the purpose of modifying internet web browser settings. It generates advertising revenue by using Yahoo Search for its search results.

Propagation Methods

Safe Finder virus is typically propagated into PC via software bundles, P2P file sharing networks, Torrent websites, Pornographic websites, infected USB drives, malicious links and websites, Cracked softwares, spam emails, spam email attachments etc.

Lethal Activities

Safe Finder virus will change the web browser's default homepage to Safe Finder Virus Search. It will change the web browser's search provider and built in search box to https://search.safefindervirus.com. It will modify the “new tab” functionality to launch the modified search portal page. It will load into the web browser through an extension or add-on.

Protection Tips

Update your PC and avoid installing any third party free software. Select Advanced/Custom installation mode for every installation of software. Avoid clicking on uncertain links, emails and websites. Always install well professional anti-virus and anti-malware application and keep firewall on. Always un-check hidden options which attempt to install additional programs secretly. Always scan all downloaded files, emails and applications before opening them. Never try to open any attachments of unknown or spam emails. Don't try to visit any Torrent/Adult/Porn websites to stay protected from Safe Finder virus. Never try to update any application from nonofficial websites and from any unknown pop-ups that suddenly appear on PC. Never try to download any kind of cracked software or programs.

Safe Finder virus can be deleted from PC by using two different methods-Automatic and Manual. In Manual method, we need high technical skill and well knowledge of PC whereas in Automatic method, we don't need such things. It is very easy to use Automatic method for every person. So, we recommend to use Automatic method for the best results.


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Manual Steps to Remove Safe Finder virus From Your Hijacked Browser

Simple Steps To Remove Infection From Your Browser

Set Up or Changes Your Default Search Engine Provider

For Internet Explorer :

1. Launch Internet explorer and click on the Gear icon then to Manage Add-ons.

IE Manage Add-ons

2. Now click on Search Provider tab followed by Find more search providers…

IE Search Providers

3. Now look for your preferred search engine provider for instance Google Search engine.

IE Find More Search Providers

4. Further you need to click on Add to Internet Explorer option appeared on the page. After then tick out the Make this my default search engine provider appeared on the Add Search Provider window and then click on Add button.

IE Add Search Provider

5. Restart Internet explorer to apply the new changes.

For Mozilla :

1. Launch Mozilla Firefox and go for the Settings icon (☰) followed by Options from the drop down menu.

Mozilla Settings Options

2. Now you have to tap on Search tab there. And, under Default Search Engine you can choose your desirable search engine provider from the drop down menu and remove Safe Finder virus related search providers.

Mozilla Search tab

3. If you want to add another search option into Mozilla Firefox then you can do it by going through Add more search engines… option. It will take you to the Firefox official Add-ons page from where you can choose and install search engine add-ons from their.

Mozilla Add more search engine

4. Once installed you can go back to Search tab and choose your favorite search provider as a default.

For Chrome :

1. Open Chrome and tap on Menu icon (☰) followed by Settings.

Chrome settings

2. Now under Search option you can choose desirable Search engine providers from drop down menu.

Chrome Search option

3. If you want to use another search engine option then you can click on Manage search engines… which opens current list of search engines and other as well. To choose you have to take your cursor on it and then select Make default button appears there followed by Done to close the window.

Chrome other search engine option

Reset Browser Settings to Completely Remove Safe Finder virus

For Google Chrome :

1. Click on Menu icon (☰) followed by Settings option from the drop down menu.

Chrome settings

2. Now tap Reset settings button.

Reset chrome 1

3. Finally select Reset button again on the dialog box appeared for confirmation.

Reset Chrome 2

For Mozilla Firefox :

1. Click on Settings icon (☰) and then to Open Help Menu option followed by Troubleshooting Information from drop down menu.

Reset Mozilla Firefox 1

2. Now Click on Reset Firefox… on the upper right corner of about:support page and again to Reset Firefox button to confirm the resetting of Mozilla Firefox to delete Safe Finder virus completely.

Reset Mozilla Firefox 2

Reset Internet Explorer :

1. Click on Settings Gear icon and then to Internet options.

Reset IE 1

2. Now tap Advanced tab followed by Reset button. Then tick out the Delete personal settings option on the appeared dialog box and further press Reset button to clean Safe Finder virus related data completely.

IE Reset 2

3. Once Reset completed click on Close button and restart Internet explorer to apply the changes.

Reset Safari :

1. Click on Edit followed by Reset Safari… from the drop down menu on Safari.

Reset Safari 1

2. Now ensure that all of the options are ticked out in the appeared dialog box and click on Reset button.

Reset Safari 2

Uninstall Safe Finder virus and other Suspicious Programs From Control Panel

1. Click on Start menu followed by Control Panel. Then click on Uninstall a program below Programs option.

Control panel Win 7 Vista

2. Further find and Uninstall Safe Finder virus and any other unwanted programs from the Control panel.

Programs and Features

Remove Unwanted Toolbars and Extensions Related With Safe Finder virus

For Chrome :

1. Tap on Menu (☰) button, hover on tools and then tap on Extension option.

chrome extension 1

2. Now click on Trash icon next to the Safe Finder virus related suspicious extensions to remove it.

chrome-extensions 2

For Mozilla Firefox :

1. Click on Menu (☰) button followed by Add-ons.

Mozilla Addon 1

2. Now select the Extensions or Appearance tab in Add-ons Manager window. Then click on Disable button to remove Safe Finder virus related extensions.

Mozilla Addon 2

For Internet Explorer :

1. Click on Settings Gear icon and then to Manage add-ons.

IE Extension 1

2. Further tap on Toolbars and Extensions panel and then Disable button to remove Safe Finder virus related extensions.

IE Extension 2

From Safari :

1. Click on Gear Settings icon followed by Preferences…

Safari extension 1

2. Now tap on Extensions panel and then click on Uninstall button to remove Safe Finder virus related extensions.

Safari extension 2

From Opera :

1. Click on Opera icon then hover to Extensions and click Extensions manager.

Opera Extension 1

2. Now click on X button next to unwanted extensions to remove it.

Opera Extension 2

Delete Cookies to Clean Up Safe Finder virus Related Data From Different Browsers

Chrome : Click on Menu (☰) → Settings → Show advanced Settings → Clear browsing data.

Clear cookies chrome

Firefox : Tap on Settings (☰) →History →Clear Reset History → check Cookies → Clear Now.

Clear cookies mozilla

Internet Explorer : Click on Tools → Internet options → General tab → Check Cookies and Website data → Delete.

clear cookies Internet explorer

Safari : Click on Settings Gear icon →Preferences → Privacy tab → Remove All Website Data…→ Remove Now button.

safary privacy remove all website data

Manage Security and Privacy Settings in Google Chrome

1. Click on Menu (☰) button followed by Settings.

Chrome settings

2. Tap on Show advanced settings.

Chrome Privacy section

  • Phishing and malware protection : It is enables by default in privacy section. Warns users if detected any suspicious site having phishing or malware threats.
  • SSL certificates and settings : Tap on Manage certificates under HTTPS/SSL section to manage SSL certificates and settings.
  • Web Content settings : Go to Content settings in Privacy section to manage plug-ins, cookies, images, location sharing and JavaScript.

chrome-content settings

3. Now tap close button when done.

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Safe Finder Virus Removal Instruction In Other Language

French Éliminer le virus Safe Finder À partir de Chrome, Firefox, IE
German Beseitigen Sie den Safe Finder-Virus aus Chrome, Firefox, IE
Portuguese Eliminar o vírus Safe Finder do Chrome, Firefox, IE
Spanish Eliminar el virus Safe Finder de Chrome, Firefox, IE
Italian Elimina il virus Safe Finder da Chrome, Firefox, IE
Polish Wyeliminuj wirusa Safe Finder Z Chrome, Firefox, IE
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