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leandro asked 8 years ago

please help. floki encrypted all my files and a German people request a reward to send me a program to remove the damage caused by them. I cant operate, cant run my programs, server, back ups, web page… thanks in advance!

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admin Staff answered 8 years ago

Hello Leandro,
Although it is an unfortunate condition for your PC right now, you don’t need to be worried.
Floki is a nasty Trojan Bot that makes the PC vulnerable for ransomware attack. Thus it ultimately brings lot of mess for compromised PC and leaves users in no man’s land. This is the reason why your files have been encrypted as your PC might have been infected due to some ransom virus. You are being asked to pay the ransom indirectly as reward that is being offered by some German hackers. Don’t even consider regarding its payment. What if they don’t provide you with any decryptor tool
Further you are unable to run or execute any program, due to Floki Bot.

Your PC must be running in slow mode as floki makes consumption of RAM too much and
the available resources. It elevates the wall of blockage for system’s defence settings and creates ground for the installation of another rouge programs.

Usually users get victimized by such kind of malware due to various reasons, in spite of this they need to act smartly and calmly to overwhelm the problems.

Floki can be removed from PC both manually and by using automatic malware removal tool. But first lets deal manual steps
How to remove Floki from Windows Control Panel
In Windows 10

You will need to tap on start menu.
Then tap on All Apps.
Search for floki now and make right click on it.
At last step choose uninstall option.

Windows 8


As usual first tap on start button.
Then you have to type Control panel and make click on it.
Look for floki and move on Uninstall option.

Remove floki from Win7/vista/XP

Make click on start button.
Now you have to make click on control panel in start menu.
Thereafter you will need tap on uninstall a program to open programs and features.
And again search for floki and proceed towards Uninstall option.
Further you need to delete malicious files created by Floki Bot. Accomplishing this task need advanced computing skills. It is advised not to go for this, if you lack technical skill and better opt for automatic removal tool.

Good Luck!

Warm Regards

RMV Team

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