Backup and Data Recovery Options


Ransomware is undoubtedly one of the most widespread piece of malware program which is utilized by online crooks on large extent because of being capable of extorting obscene profits from rookie PC users. This threat alike several other disastrous malware threats obtains secret proliferation in the system without the user’s assent. It once downloaded, wreaks havoc on the system via encrypting almost all the files present in it. This encryption makes the files inaccessible to the users in a manner that after the completion of the encryption, it almost becomes impossible for the users to access them back. Now though there are numerous software available which being equipped with highly powerful algorithmic skills removes the ransomware threat from the system but yet could not restore the encrypted files.

So, here in the below posted article the best method has been discussed which will surely helps the users in avoiding damage caused by the ransomware threat i.e., maintaining regular up-to-date backups. Via possessing maintenance of data-backups on a periodic basis one can very easily prevent his/her crucial files from being encrypted. Now regarding backup, there are many data backup solutions available including hardware, software and cloud. Although one can make usage of the software and hardware solution, but the most popular ones are based on cloud computing technology. The three most well-known backup solutions are Dropbox (2GB free storage), OneDrive (5GB free storage) and Google Drive (15GB free storage).

About Dropbox

Dropbox is basically a ‘simple to set-up’ cloud storage solution that has been reported compatible with all the latest versions of Windows, Linux, Mac, Kindle, iOS and Blackberry. This device capable of storing numerous types of files and synchronizing them across all device ensures the users of providing them with 2GB of free storage. This tool can get easily accessed via the file explorer.

Working Algorithm Of DropBox

Dropbox provides the users with an option to view the previous versions of files. In the case of the ransmoware threat, this can get achieved by logging on to the Dropbox account and checking if a backup of the compromised data is available. Now in order to synchronize encrypted files to the Dropbox account, user need to make right-click on the files he/she wants to restore and then make selection of ‘Previous Versions’. If got available, select the version of the file (saved prior to ransomware threat). This will restore the encrypted file to a clean state. Furthermore in order to check for previous versions, right-click the mouse over the file which is to get restore and select ‘Previous versions’.

Important Facts About OneDrive
Being crafted by Microsoft, OneDrive cloud service facilitates the users with 5GB of free storage. This service comes inbuilt in Windows 8 or Windows 10 operating system. It has been reported closely integrated with MS Office apps (including Word, Excel, etc). Likewise that of Dropbox, it can also get accessed through file explorer.

Working Criteria Of OneDrive

OneDrive users can recover their files from this cloud backup service via accessing File Explorer and navigating to OneDrive. In an unfortunate case if the ransomware threat overwrites the file present in this backup service, then in that situation a facility is provided to check whether the previous version of these files are available. If ‘Yes’, then one make selection of the version of the files saved prior to the infection by ransomware threat. This service can also get utilized by Business account users for checking the versions of their synchronized files. In order to check for previous versions, users need to right click their mouse over the file (which is to get restored) and select ‘Restore previous versions

Quick Facts About Google Drive

Google Drive is recognized one of the most comprehensive cloud storage solution. Being inbuilt with a presentation builder, a word processor and spreadsheet application., this storage provides the users the most free storage (i.e., 15 GB) as compared to OneDrive and Dropbox. In the case of having a Google account, this drive can easily get accessed via navigating to

How Google Drive Restores the Compromised Files ?

like those of Onedrive and Dropbox, Google Drive also facilitates the users with an option to view previous versions of their stored files. In the vase of this solution, users are required to login to their Google Drive account and check whether backup of their vital files is present or not. If the encrypted files got found synchronized, then in that situation, users should right-click on the files (that is to get recovered) and choose ‘Manage versions’.

Data Recovery Software

Being embedded with tons of strong and enhanced technical skills, Data Recovery software has been referred one of the most potent solution regarding recovery of the files mistakenly deleted, formatted or damaged by ransomware infections. This software is compatible with almost all the most used versions of Windows OS.

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