Tutorial To Block Blackhatworld.com Google Analytics Referral Spam


Being a member of the referral spam family, Blackhatworld.com is a complete nuisance which unlike several other harmful infection do not attempt to make the victim’s life a living nightmare. Instead just confuse the victims and mess up their Google Analytics reports. So, if you are also one of the victim of this infection, then it it kindly advised to read the below posted article thoroughly since it includes detailed description about this form of referral spam and it’s working algorithm. Additionally, also contains effective guidelines at the end to help you efficiently in getting rid of the issue.

Blackhatworld.com : Things To Expect

Blackhatworld.com has been classified under the category of a sub-type of referral spam namely ghost spam which has been crafted by online spammers with the sole intention of benefiting certain websites via employing dirty tricks in order to boost their ranking and popularity. Researches clearly proves that this infection do not harms the users or the websites it targets. Instead just try to misguide website owners via causing messes in their GA statistics. This referral spam unlike it’s predecessors do not send bots or crawlers over to targeted websites as this trick has been chomped down by Google. However this newer and enhanced version of referral spam only targets the victim’s Google Analytics and brings alteration in it. This is done to show webmasters visitations from several spamming website which in reality never happens. It’s just an illusion created to prompt the curiosity of the website admins and owners and entice them to tap them on this other website that has been reported paying frequent visits.

Now though referral spam such as Blackhatworld.com do not poses any sort of harm to the actual traffic but the situation can get dragged into more worst position via employing Referral Exclusion list. Although it is a complete convenient tool but unfortunately not has been designed to deal with the ghost spammers such as Blackhatworld.com as at the time when the webmasters enters the spamming site in the exclusion list, it ultimately forces the GA to follow up on their spam report to check out those visits. Thus, this make the things disastrous as the visit starts being counted as real traffic ands now the webmasters need to pay for them as well. So, as it is sincerely advised to the website admins to stay as much as possible from this list and instead implements the instructions listed below to deal with Blackhatworld.com.

Manual Solution To Block Blackhatworld.com Google Analytics Referral Spam

  • First of all open up your Google Analytics Dashboard.
  • Now you will see the Blackhatworld.com referral spam point to your index homepage.

  • Next Goto Admin in the Google Analytics Dashboard.

  • Make selection of ‘All Filters’ from the account you want the referral spam to get erased from reports.

  • Select Add Filter.

  • Further in the Filter Name enter the exact url the referral spam is coming from.
  • Choose Filter Type: Custom → Filter Field: Campaign Source
  • Finally at the end of the Dashboard, make selection of the blue Save button

Block Referral Spam Coming From Blackhatworld.com Utilizing the .HTACCESS file


  • First of all log into cPanel.
  • Now in the Files section, click on the File Manager icon.
  • Check the box for Document Root for and make selection of the domain name you want to access from the drop-down manu.
  • Ensyure that the Show Hidden Files (dotfiles)” is checked.
  • Tap Go..
  • At last look for the .htaacess files in the list of files.

Add the below mentioned code to your .htaccess file.

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