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Want to Recover Deleted / Lost / Corrupted Cr2 Photos. Get the Best Cr2 Recovery Software!



Cr2 Recovery software ReviewCR2 is the file extension that is used by Canon Raw Version 2. This RAW image file format is generally based on another popular image format as TIFF. Like TIFF,  CR2 also offers some fantastic image quality as well as excellent color reproduction. This is the third file format that is used by Canon to store the raw sensor data. The very first was Camera Image File Format (CIFF) file format that get released on February 12, 1997. This CIFF was later on get replaced by the CRW image format, that is now being superseded by the CR2 format.

Hence, whenever you capture any images using Canon Digital Camera, all these images are get saved into memory card in .CR2 file format. This is get preferred by most of the photographers as the format of their output pictures to get more high definition digital images.

But have you Ever wondered what will you do if these cr2 files and photos are accidentally deleted, corrupted or lost. You will look out for cr2 recovery sofware. Finding Best cr2 Recovery software is never Easy. So we have Listed and reviewed the Best Cr2 Recovery Sofware for you.

Best Cr2 Photo Recovery Software 2018

You have searched for Best Cr2 Recovery software, but not found the one which will solve your problem. Don’t worry, you are at the best destianation, here you will get the best cr2 Recovery software. We have researched and looked out for various pros and cons & the recovery % in research of cr2 recovery. So Here is the top 5 Cr2 Recovery software for you.

Cr2 Photo Recovery Software
OS Version



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Download Trial

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Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

{Editor’s Choice}

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9,10.8,10.7 & 10.6

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Remo Photo Recovery All versions of Windows OS including Windows 10

Mac OS X 10.5.x and above including Yosemite

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MiniTool Power Data Recovery Windows 8.1 /8 /7 /Vista /XP along with Windows Server 2003 /2008 /2012

Mac OS X 10.5 and above

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Tenorshare Data Recovery Windows 10/Windows 8.1/Windows 8/Windows 7/Vista/XP (32 & 64 bit).

macOS Sierra, Mac OS X 10.11 EI Capitan, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7, 10.6, 10.5, 10.4

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PhotoRec Photo Recovery Windows NT 4/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/10

Mac OS X

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Above is the top 5 software which will recover your lost , corrupted or deleted Cr2 Photos. You can go for the best one to solve your problem.

Now we will see various aspects of Cr2 Files


How To Open .CR2 Files ?More About Raw File FormatScenario for Cr2 Photo LossDo’s and Don’t While Data Loss

How To Open .CR2 Files ?


Cr2 Recovery Software Review

Some Well known applications can open .CR2 files that are mentioned below :-

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Canon RAW Codec
  • GIMP
  • InfranView
  • UFRaw
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Google Picasa
  • Windows Photos and so on.

Step 1 : At first you should double click on files and see your Windows OS or Mac OS can open it.

Step 2 : If it does, you can open your .CR2 files.

Step 3 : If not you should download any of these above mentioned programs.

Step 4 : You might download the latest camera RAW update that is a plugin, used to open .CR2 file.

Well, canon has its own image editing software called as Digital Photo Professional and Canon EOS File Viewer Utility.

Know More About RAW Files In Digital Photography


Before proceeding ahead, you should know the role of RAW files in digital photography. RAW files generally store the unaltered information as it get captured by the camera sensor. Hence, these RAW images are actually not in the conventional sense of world. Instead they are actual data that get interpreted by a software, and then converted into raster images. Thus, when you take any RAW image using the Canon Camera, you don’t need to set White Balance, or picture style, as you can adjust these settings later on using a RAW Editor.

These RAW File also capture more information about the scene than conventional image formats can provide, and also allow you to extract a lots of details from shadows and areas of the image otherwise that would end up overexposed. Thus, the CR2 format enables non-destructive image editing, and makes it possible to make more adjustments to the image while being revert back to its original states.

Possible Scenarios For Data Loss During Photography

Cr2 Recovery

Sometimes, its quiet possible that users encounter some error or data loss during photography.

  • There might be inappropriate removal of the connected camera from Windows computer system.
  • Accidentally pressing “Delete All” option button, that leads to deletion of CR2 files.
  • Use of same external storage media in more than one system.
  • You should make use of some untrusted third-party antivirus software for scanning images.
  • Incomplete CR2 file transfer process might be the great reason.
  • Inaccessible corrupt and unreadable memory card lead to great loss of CR2 files.
  • Unexpected Error messages for formatting your memory card on Canon Camera.

cr2 Recovery


  • Just stop using your system hard drive.
  • Also not use your camera / tablet / phone memory card.
  • Never open the multimedia as photos, video, audio and other file formats.
  • Always consult with reliable data recovery service provider.

Don’t s

  • You should not format your system hard drive.
  • Do not overwrite PC hard drive.
  • Not Store any new files in the system.
  • Never try to fix the storage device on own.

How To Restore Your CR2 Files ?


Cr2 photo recovery

Its not difficult to restore your CR2 files. You can easily go with Photo Recovery Software. These softwares are easily available on web. This is known to be professional RAW file recovery tool that is build by skilled and experienced professionals. It get equipped with strong recovery features that help you to get back your lost CR2 files from serious data loss scenario. Photo Recovery Software supports all types of RAW file formats as CR2, CRW, NEF, ARF, SR2, KDC and so on.

Recommended Software or CR2 Restore


(Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery : Recommended)

Download Now Check Price

(Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery : Recommended)

Download Now Check Price


Recovery Of  CR2 Files


cr2 manual method recovery

Best Automatic Solution For Recovery Of .CR2 Files

1-Stellar Photo Recovery : Top Rank Software For CR2 Photo Recovery


Stellar Photo Recovery  software is known to be most recommended software that will recover all types of lost / deleted or formatted digital files from local and removable media such as memory cards, digital cameras, external hard disk and so on. For best photo recovery, these storage devices must be recognized by your system. it scans the selected storage device and provides list of all photos and other multimedia files. You can also see the preview of your recoverable files, in three views such as List View, Thumbnail View as well as Cover Flor View.

Basic Features Of Stellar Photo Recovery

  • Recover all types of lost and deleted photos.
  • Also supports recovery of all formatted multimedia files with any extensions.
  • Shows estimated time for recovery.
  • Support storage media as 2 TB.
  • Having multiple preview options.
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows OS.


Download From HereRecover From WindowsRecover From Mac

(Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery : Recommended)

Download Now Check Price

(Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery : Recommended)

Download Now Check Price

Simple Steps To Recover RAW Photos Using Stellar Photo Recovery From Windows OS

  1. Launch Stellar Photo Recovery, after opening just click on Recover Photo, Audio, and Video button located in center.

cr2 recovery

  1. Now, locate the drive that your hard drive represents from list and select it. Then click on Advanced settings. Inside pop-up select type of RAW file that you want to recover.

  1. Click Scan now. It will start looking files to recover.

cr2 recovery software

  1. Once the software has finished searching for files, a proper Scan result Window will appear. These file are automatically sorted by type in folders. Just double click to view them one by one.

cr2 recovery software review

  1. Tap those files that you want to recover, hit Recover button. If you do not purchase it, a pop-up appear, that says you need to activate the software to proceed. Go ahead to activate this application.

Once activated, you can continue with recovery process, by selecting where you like to save your recovered files.

  1. This is regarded as the initial step of Stellar Photo Recovery For Mac OS. You have to tap “Recover Photo, Audio, Video” button to recover your deleted or lost data.

cr2 files recovery

  1. All the drives and attached media are listed. Now select your desired drive or other external media and click on “Scan Now” button to start scanning process.

cr2 files recovery

  1. Stellar Photo Recovery will search for all your multimedia files from your selected drive.

cr2 photo recovery

  1. After scanning all your files that are found in the selected volumes, hard disk or other attached storage media that are listed. Then, click on Recover button to recover your desired files.

cr2 photo recovery


Pros Cons
  • Rescue all your multimedia data from large variety of file formats.
  • Having preview feature.
  • Its Simple to use.

  • Its trial version does not repair any files.
  • Scanning might be slow.


2-Remo Software : Second Rank Software For CR2 Photo Recovery


cr2 photo recoveryRemo Software  is a recovery software that will solve all your data loss problems on Windows as well as Mac system. Whatever be the case, such as deleted partitions, formatted drives, lost / deleted multimedia files as photos, video, audio or other supported formats. It will quickly recover all your erased files and folders with great ease. It will also recover files from your hard drives and other storage devices. It contains simple procedures that ensures quick recovery.

Interesting Features Of Remo Software

  • Recovers deleted / lost files and folders.
  • Scans drive sector by sector, identifies and restores all lost files.
  • Files deleted using Shift + Del key or from Windows Command prompt can be quickly recover.
  • Helps to recover deleted files from external hard drive, pen drive, SSD and so on.
  • Supports recovery of files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS5. ExFat partitions.
  • Preview all recovered files prior to data restoration.


Download from HereRecovery From WindowsRecovery From Mac

Stepwise Guide To Recover Erased Files Using Remo Software  From Windows OS

  1. First of all download Remo Software and click Recover Files option.
  2. Tap Recover Deleted files to restore deleted files, or choose Recover Lost file to recover lost files and folders.

cr2 photo recovery software

  1. Then select the drive or partition from which your data get lost.

cr2 file recovery software

  1. If you wish to recover only the files, just select the types of files, else Skip.
  2. Now, software will starts its scanning process. After this, all recovered files will be listed.

cr2 recovery

  1. It will Preview recovered files before recovery

cr2 photo recovery

  1. Then save Recovery Session.

cr2 file recovery

8. If you are using Demo version, just purchase the software to load previously saved recovery session and save the recovered files.

Download the trial version of  Remo Software and install into your Mac OS.

  1. Once launched, the main screen of Remo Software will appear on your screen.

cr2 photo

  1. Select the Recover Photos option from main screen.

cr2 photo

  1. A next window will appear with Recover Deleted Photos and Recover Lost photos options.

cr2 files

  1. Just choose Recover Lost Photos option. After that you will receive a window showing all logical volumes along with connected memory card. Select drive and tap Next.

cr2 Recovery software

  1. It contains special option to select only required file and recover only those file types. You can make use of this option, or particular type, Else select Mark All.

cr2 file recovery

  1. Then after preview the recovered photos with help of preview Option.
  2. Saved the scanned information by using Save recovery session, that avoid rescanning of the drive.

cr2 photo recovery

  1. Purchase the full license software, if you are satisfied with the recovery results, by saving your process using Open recovery Session option.

cr2 recovery

Pros Cons
  • Having excellent feature to recover all types of file formats.
  • Recovers the lost photos at high rate.
  • Get compatible with both Windows as well as Mac OS.
  • Award Winning data recovery tool.

  • Its not good at recovering your lost documents.
  • After one year, you will stuck somewhere.
  • No set process, you have to be self motivated.


3-MiniTool Power Data Recovery


MiniTool Power Data Recovery Software  is mainly designed with outstanding photo recovery features, that can help to recover your lost photos, as well as audio and video files from different types of digital camera as well as storage devices. It also operate on different OS as Mac as well as Windows OS. This tool is very professional and powerful. Its not help yo recover your deleted file, but also  recovers your lost data from damages, reformatted hard drive as well. As data recovery software, it includes five recovery modes as Undelete Recovery, Damaged Partition Recovery, Lost Partition Recovery, Digital Media Recovery, and CD / DVD / Recovery.

Data Recovery Abilities Of MiniTool Power Data Recovery

  • Recovers deleted files and folders.
  • Also recovers data from the damaged partitions.
  • Get Equipped with smart scanning engine that makes absolute scan.
  • You can also sort the recovered CR2 files from list of recovered data, using .CR2 file format.
  • Preview and save your recovered CR2 files along with other data to destination folder.


Download From HereRecover from WindowsRecover from Mac

Windows OS

  1. At first click on the start button.

cr2 photo recovery

  1. Then select the Target device and Scan.

cr2 file recovery

  1. Preview and recover all your needed photos.

cr2 recovery

Mac OS

  1. After successful installation, you should launch the program to get its main interface, where you will see some preparations for photo recovery.

cr2 recovery

  1. Just make use any of those 4 Preparations and then click on Start button to continue.

cr2 file recovery

  1. Please select the device that you want to recover photos from and click Scan.

cr2 photo recovery

At last just select and save recovered photos to other storage devices.

Pros Cons
  • MiniTool Power Data Recovery is tested very well for recovery from reformatted solid state recovery.
  • Provides quicker scan facility and more relevant results.
  • Also filter the results according to filenames or extensions or by size.
  • You don’t have to start new scan again, if there something wrong. It saves lots of time.

  • There is no help link.
  • You should go to the product page directly and follow link from there.
  • Only Retrieve 63% of videos and music files .




4- Tenorshare Data Recovery


cr2 recoveryTenorshare Data Recovery  is basically a data recovery software that is designed for recovering your lost, deleted for formatted files, including your photos, video, music, documents, more than 550 type files fro, hard drive and other removable drives such as USB drive, external drive, floppy drive and so on. Not only Windows file system (FAT12 / 16 / 32), but also Mac (HFS+, HFS) system. It recovers data from all kinds of loss instances.

Smart Features Of Tenorshare Data Recovery

  • Tenorshare Data Recovery will recover all types of data from different loss situations.
  • Recovers data from 50+ types of storage media.
  • Recovers more than 550 file types.
  • Also preview and recover exactly what you need.


Download From HereRecover From WindowsRecover From Mac

Windows OS

  1. At first select the type of files that you lost. It might be your Graphics, Audio, Documents, Video, Email. All these types are selected by default. Click on Next.

  1. Then after select a location where your lost files saved, click Next.

  1. Now, you just need to click on Scan button to scan your lost files.

  1. After scanning, just select the file you want to recover. Before recovery, you can preview your lost data. Click Recover to start recovery.

  1. Just pause and continue or stop according to your preferences.

  1. During stop scanning, a window appear to save your current scanning results. It get saved as “.res” suffix. You can also click Export Scan Status.

  1. Click on Resume icon and then import .res file you saved before.

  1. You can filter your lost files in scanning result, by searching their file name.

  1. This software also presents with types of scan, as Quick Scan by Default, Another one is Deep Scan.

  1. At last select a path on your system, to save your recovered files. Just click Ok to complete its recovery process.

Mac OS

  1. At first pick one recovery mode according to your data recovery need.


  1. Select your target volume and scan.


  1. Check the items that you want to get back.


Pros Cons
  • Fast Scan.
  • Recovers 550 file types.
  • Supports both Mac as well as Windows OS.
  • Recovered data quality is good.
  • Supports almost all external devices.

  • There is no option for particular scan folder.
  • You just need to scan your entire drive.
  • Not displaying any computer drive names.
  • Free version recovers only 500MB data.


Recommended Trial Software For Automatic Recovery Of CR2 Files


5- PhotoRec Photo Recovery : Best Free Software For CR2 Photo Recovery


Free Cr2 Photo RecoveryPhotoRec Photo Recovery is mainly a photo recovery software that is completely compatible for both Windows as well as Mac OS. It get equipped with features of recovery other file formats as well. It can get back your deleted files from CD ROMs, Hard disks, and a large variety of digital camera memory equipments as USB Flash drives, MMC, Microdrive, Memory Stick and so on. It can easily recover your damaged photos, audio files and archived files and also documents.

Salient Features Of PhotoRec Photo Recovery

  • Recovers your photos of various formats.
  • Also used for recovering data from large types of storage devices.
  • Restores documents, archives, songs and other videos in addition to photos.
  • Saves your recorded files on an alternative locations.
  • Used as open source software that is available as free of cost.
Download From HereRecover From WiindwosRecover From Mac

Windows OS

  1. At first right click on photorec_win.exe and Run As Administrator.

free cr2 recovery

  1. Then select the Disk and not the drive, Proceed and then hit Enter.
  2. Select the partition table type INTEL – Intel/PC partition, then press Enter.

free cr2 file recovery

  1. Select the partition File Opt, and tap Enter.

free cr2 files

  1. Choose the file types that you want to recover by entering X against the type. Press b to save these settings.

free cr2 photo recovery

  1. Just gives you the info that your settings have been saved. Press Enter.

free cr2 recovery

  1. Press Enter to return to the Main Menu.

free cr2 recovery review

  1. Select Search and press Enter to start file recovery.

free cr2

  1. Choose the file system type and press Enter.

free cr2 recovery tool

  1. Select the Whole partition and press Enter.

free cr2 recovery software

  1. Select destination to save and press C.

Free cr2 file recovery

  1. If you have presses Enter, a window appears, just press C, again and wait for while.

free cr2 photo recovery

  1. Files finally recovered.

free cr2 recovery


Mac OS

  1. At first download, PhotoRec and extract it to anywhere except the drive that you want to recover your deleted data.

Free cr2 Recovery

  1. PhotoRec requires root access to your data. Simply hit enter to restart, and then input your password to go ahead.

free cr2 recovery software

  1. Once you have got this software running, choose the device that you like to recover from.

cr2 recovery

  1. Now, you are prompted to choose a partition, along with few options at bottom.

cr2 recovery

  1. If you are simply out to see what you can recover, then leave everything as default and hit search. It ask you that you are using EXT2 / EXT3 file system or something else , choose Other.

cr2 recovery review

  1. You are prompted to scan whole volume or unallocated space.


  1. Final prompt ask where you like to recover your data. Hit C to start the process.
  2. It managed to recover more data, despite erasing and writing to volume twice.

cr2 recovery software

Pros Cons
  • This software is capable of recovering your photos from different formats.
  • All types of data can be easily recovered.
  • Get compatible with Mac as well as Windows OS.
  • Its totally free software.
  • There is no preview feature available.
  • Also lack Graphical User Interface.
  • There is very slow recovery process.
  • Its extremely difficult to use.


These are 5 Best cr2 recovery software. But among all #1 is Stellar photo recovery software for Windows & Mac. You can Download the trial version and check wether , it is able to recovery your lost, corrupted or deleted cr2 photos & files.


What to Do Now?

Now you must have a clear vision how to recover and which sofware is best for recovering your Cr2 Files. But still you need to know that the software which will fullfill all these features is suitable for cr2 recovery. Have a look at the features:

  • Supports scanning of 2TB of storage space.
  • Also provides option to add file headers.
  • New user friendly interface.
  • Cover Flow View, thumbnail View, List View preview options.
  • Also supports twenty new types file formats of photos, audio and music.
  • Fast recovery of the lost images and other media formats.
  • Raw Recovery from other storage devices.
  • Recovery from files corrupt from memory card.
  • Supports a wide range of media formats for recovery.
  • User can resume recovery with help of .dmg file, or scan information.

Final Words: Get the Best one


Our Review for best 5 Cr2 Recovery software will surely help you in choosing the best. In this competitive world its never easy to get the best one. You will always be confused, as each one claims to be the best. But we have researched and invested our time to check the functionality, interface and recovery % of all the photo recovery software mentioned here. After our extensive reserach we have written up this post and recommeded you the best cr2 recover software’s.

We hope that this review will be helpful for you. We have mentioned cr2 recovery software from low budget to high budget. Depending on your budget also you can choose one. In case of any query or question, contact us

Reommmended Software

(Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery : Recommended)

Download Now Check Price

(Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery : Recommended)

Download Now Check Price

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