CoinHoarder Makes Over $50 Millions Cryptocurrencies Using Google AdWords

Ukraine Hackers Used GoogleAds To Drive Web Traffic To Phishing Domains


As we know very well that the cyber criminals has been launching several phishing attacks since 2015 for exploiting Google’s advertising network to steal cryptocurrency. Recently, the researchers of Cisco’s Talos Intelligence Group (CTIG) uncovered that cyber hackers based in Ukraine has been estimated of hacking $50 million cryptocurrency by using the Google AdWords. It actually happen when System users access the site which is known as one of the most popular virtual currency wallets providers.

Google AdWords poses as an online advertisements for popular and legitimate Bitcoin wallet site, Hackers often purchase the typosquatted domains that mainly imitate real or legitimate, the BTC wallet management service. After purchasing domain the operators of Coinhoarder set ups the phishing pages on these domains that often log the users credential which they use later to steal the money or funds from user’s accounts.

Simple Tactics Through Which Hackers Stolen Cryptocurrency

According to the reports, when users searches for any crypto-related keywords including “bitcoin wallet” or “blockchain”, the spoofed links automatically appear at top of the search results. When users clicked on any link intentionally or unintentionally, link automatically lead victims to the ‘lande’ page and serve the phishing content in native language of geographic region of victim’s IP address.

Hackers Uses Ads Mainly Affect The African Users & Developing Countries Users

Since, security analysts works with the low enforcement agencies in the Ukraine, so they can easily identify the BTC wallet address and track hacker’s activity. According to analysts, hackers were particularly keen to target the individuals in African and developing countries where the banking facilities are very harder. To make the unsuspecting BTC investors fool, hackers created various sites with the IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names) that can also be known in homograph attacks. We all know very well that the cost of BTC rose to records height at the end of 2017.

Tips Through Which You Can Reduce The Chance of Such Attack

  1. Use a hardware wallet instead of online site to store the private keys of cryptocurrency.
  2. Be must careful while doing any online work.
  3. Avoid yourself from visiting any phishing or unsafe domain.
  4. Execute an ad blocker to filter out the advertisements.
  5. Always use rusted sources to download any packages or applications.

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