New AgeLocker Ransomware Abuses Legit ‘Age’ Encryption Tool


New AgeLocker Ransomware Abuses Legit ‘Age’ Encryption Tool

Recently it was noticed after someone allegedly posted details about AgeLocker Ransom Virus on Bleeping Computer forums. Soon researchers detected New Ransomware which was named as AgeLocker used Genuine ‘Age’ Encryption Tool. It was reportedly created by Google Employee. This is not the first instance when such legit software has been used in targeting innocent users and asking them to pay the ransom. The matter was reported after the hacker was found using internal tools of Google as a Ransomware attack. If reports are to be believed, AgeLocker Ransomware was used to encrypt the data and files on the victim’s computer misusing Google’s Genuine ‘Age’ Encryption Tool . It was very difficult to find out as the victims were really not ready to share or report that they have been a victim of AgeLocker Ransomware attack and their files have been encrypted.

What Does AgeLocker Ransomware Demands?

New AgeLocker Ransomware Abuses Genuine ‘Age’ Encryption Tool and after encrypting the files demands ransom from the victims. Ransomware generally drops text file as ransom Note on the targeted PC but in this case, the hackers directly mailed and demanded ransom from the victims. It contained the list of encrypted devices along with the payment demand and instructions on how the ransom can be paid to them?

How Does AgeLocker Ransomware Targets ?

Soon after the New AgeLocker Ransomware targets files, it is known to add and rename files starting or having the url as This URL was supposedly uses encryption tool known as “Age” and this was used to target and attack victim’s data. Actually this encryption tool was used to ransack and hold data hostage for demanding ransom. It uses common and conventional ways of spreading and targeting victim’s computer through suspicious emails and attachments. Never attempt using cracked software keys as these are regarded as most unscrupulous way of getting infected by Ransom virus such as AgeLocker Ransomware. SO one should use safe PC practices and avail good data management. Also emphasis should be laid on creating a data backup.





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