Five Ways to Check If a Website Is Safe?


In today’s time, cyber crime and fraudulent websites are targeting many of the users. Many of the users do not realize that they can be a soft target of cyber crime if they visit suspicious and unsafe websites. It is very important to check whether a website is safe or not before visiting it. if you are not cautious enough you must end up installing  badware and fake installers as they pretend to be quite helpful. So you need to go through these important tips to check if a website safe while browsing net or visiting website.

  1. Raise your Browser’s Privacy and Security Options

You can find Privacy and Security options to enhance the security of the browsers. You can add filter and enable filtering of the websites to enable maximum protection. IF you are using Chrome browser, then you need to navigate to Settings option. Then you need to select Privacy and Security and then click on Security in right side of the menu options.  Also there is an option of Enhanced Protection for maximum safety of the system. This will prevent you from browsing websites which are potentially unsafe to visit. However you should be very clear that all your browsing data will be known to Google.

Settings -> Privacy and Security > Security

  1. Check whether the site starts with HTTPS

If you are visiting e-commerce or online shopping websites it should virtually start with HTTPS. You can check for green colored Padlock in the browser’s URL box. It confirms the website is secured having https://. Also whatever data is entered on such websites it is completely encrypted and cannot be accessed by hackers to prevent any personal identity theft as such. If a site has http://, users should avoid providing any details on them.

  1. Check the URL using Safety Checker Tool

You need to check the url of the websites using Google’s Safe Browsing. The tool can be used as search box where the url of any website can be included and entered. This will give the safety status of the website as recorded by the Google Safety Technology. All you have to do is to copy the url of any website and enter by pasting in the box and click on button to check and verify.


  1. Check url by hovering mouse over it: You can simply check this during browsing and hover the mouse over text and glance the url which is displayed at the left corner at the bottom of browser’s window. Now you need to verify the url if it really matches with that of the site. So one can easily avoid clicking and visiting them if it does not match with the url by viewing the preview.
  2. Look for signs of any malicious activity: if you are getting any of the symptoms like displaying of unsolicited pop-ups, any warning message indicating that your PC is infected or is at risk and further asking to download some element from that website. Or any redirection to unwanted website. If you come across any of these it is advised to leave and exit the website.

So users are advised to follow the above mentioned security tips to Check If a Website Is Safe or not.

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